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Sai Baba Cured A Devotee’s Ear Problem

Sai Baba Cured A Devotee’s Ear Problem

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: With humble pranam I request Baba to guide me to narrate this experience. This post is about how Baba cured my ear problem and restored my hearing.

Please keep me anonymous. 

It was the rainy season and the weather continued to remain bad for quite a few days. As a result, I caught a bad cold with sneezing and a runny nose. It lasted for one to two days, after that I was fine. But I started experiencing sensitivity to louder and sharp sounds in one of my ears. If someone talked loudly, the honking of horn; these sounds were piercing into my ear and were striking directly to my brain. My ear could catch every minute sounds and the loud sounds were like strong vibrations in my head, making me feel very uncomfortable. I got a headache along with dizziness off and on. Slowly the problem became more severe as I started hearing everything double times. That means all the sounds around me started echoing in my ear, even my own voice I could hear twice. I became quiet, neither talking nor wanting to listen to anything. The only time I was feeling good was when I was asleep. This kind of problem or ailment I had never heard of. 

I was confused as to what should be the cause: is it due to use of earphones/air pods, or any infection in ear or anything more serious! I usually spend hours to hear lots of bhajan/devotional songs and talks on Sai Baba (especially the “Satsang” talks available in Youtube); by putting earphone and air pods while doing cooking or any household chores. But due to this problem I had to stop listening to all these which was the most important and interesting job of my daily life. I asked in Sai Baba Question and answer; got the response as “Surrender, your wish will be fulfilled.” 

The word “surrender”sounds so simple and easy to talk about, but not so easy to put into practice; it requires a lot of love, faith, devotion and patience. Since the hearing problem continued to be like that, I decided to visit our regular GP, much reluctantly as I wanted to avoid visiting any hospital or clinic during these times. I was given antibiotics for three days and if it was not cured then a visit to an ENT specialist was advised by the doctor. After taking medicine, the problem got cured by almost 70 to 80% and I was happy that the medicine was working and I thought that slowly it would be cured 100%, but to my disappointment, instead of getting better it began to become worse and my ear problem became as before. 

Now, I really got scared and thought that it was something serious. Then I asked Baba Yes/No for the visit to the ENT doctor and the response was ‘Yes’ for three times. With much anticipation, I decided to visit the ENT doctor, referred by our GP. On the way I was praying to Baba, that nothing should be serious and it should be cured by medicine only and I should not go for any test and all. I was much anxious and apprehensive, with my heart beating faster, but in a moment all my fear and anxiety vanished, bringing an unexplainable calmness and smile in my heart, when I got the darshan of Baba in the form of a big beautiful idol present in the doctor’s chamber. Now I got confidence that Baba will only treat me through the doctor. And yes, the doctor was also having a divine personality with soothing words. He didn’t even check my ears, as if he knew everything and said, “there is lot of water accumulated in your ear due to cold (but I had no symptoms of cold at that time), so nothing to worry; have medicine, and it will take some time (10-15 days) to get cured, if not then we may need to do surgical procedure, but most likely it will be cured by medicine.” He handed over some medicine to me; his fees were also very nominal. I felt much relaxed now as the doctor confirmed nothing serious. I started taking medicine along with Udi water three times a day. After starting medicine, the next day I felt perfectly fine and became so happy, but after a day, again the same problem started. Now, I became very restless and wondered why the medicines were not giving any permanent cure. 

This kind of hearing disorder was affecting my normal life very much. I was more disappointed that I am not able to hear Baba’s stories, teachings, leelas which was a regular routine of my daily life. Next day I visited the nearby Sai temple with my friend. We both did prostration. I got up and looked into Baba’s eyes and prayed to cure my ear problem, even before completing my prayer the flower which was in Baba’s blessings hand dropped down. I was super excited and thrilled with happiness and told my friend; see how Baba dropped the flower. But my friend, who was also looking at Baba, couldn’t witness the miraculous happening as at that very moment she had changed her gaze to some other place. Through His silent act Baba directly assured me that He heard my prayer and will cure me soon from this ailment. Baba made me feel His love and care towards me. It is eternally true that whenever someone thinks of Baba, calls Him or prays Him, He listens, but this reciprocation that I got from Baba, it meant a lot. It strengthened my faith and the kind of bliss I felt is not possible to express. I kept that flower blessing from Baba with me. Then I remembered Baba was asking for surrender, I tried not to think of the problem anymore. I used to read chapter-13 daily, recite Kasht Nivaran Mantra (Very powerful mantra) and chant Om Sri Sai Arogya Pradaya Namah daily. After two days I started feeling better, I was completely fine by ten days as per the doctor’s words. After that I did 5 days of diya puja as a token of gratitude to Baba [Procedure of 5 day Puja will be at the end]. 

What I felt from this nearly a month ordeal that I went through: First of all, we should take care of our health properly. If our body and mind will not be healthy then how can we worship Him, read/listen to His stories and teachings? All the sense organs are nothing but a form of energy, we should always utilize them for good purpose. Secondly, maybe Baba saved me from a big calamity which had to befall on me in the form of some physical problem, instead of my whole body, my ears took it over to itself. Hopefully my ears are the most sanctified part of my body, which regularly listens to Baba’s bhajans and leelas. And finally, Baba’s miraculous Mahaparayan service also protected me. Thank You Baba for Your love, care and blessings that You shower on each one of us. Om Sai Ram!

Five Days Pooja of Sai Baba
1. This pooja is to be performed for 5 days on a regular basis. You can start this pooja on any day but Thursday is preferable.
2. One has to perform this pooja for 5 consecutive days in the morning or evening as per your convenience but whatever time you choose it should be the same for all 5 days.
3. Light 5 lamps in front of Sai Baba.
4. Offer one flower in the holy feet of Sai Baba.
5. Offer one fruit to Baba and distribute it among family members as prasad.
6. You can read 108 names of Sai Baba along with chanting Sai Sai Sai or any other mantra that you like.
7. Then in the end, sing Sai Baba Aarti and pray wholeheartedly remembering the holy feet of Baba and seek His blessings.
8. On completion of the pooja on 5th day, you need to tell about this pooja to 5 people. 

Baba Showed His Presence And Saved Devotee Family

Baba Showed His Presence And Saved Devotee Family

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Koti Koti pranam Baba. I want to thank everyone who is working for this blog, Baba bless you all. 

Today I want to share my experiences which happened in the last 15 days, how Baba showed His presence during this tough time. Here is my experience. 

On April 15th, 2021; me, my mom and dad started to Tirumala to have darshan. We booked everything online, but unfortunately by that time Covid cases were increasing. I felt a little tense, but I kept everything at Baba’s feet. Luckily while travelling I saw a beautiful Baba idol, He gave me darshan while travelling so I felt that He will take care of everything. 

We returned on the next day mid night and reached home safely. On the very next day i.e. Saturday I felt good. I didn’t feel any body aches, but on that night I had severe body aches. I wasn’t able to sleep and I got a fever. Next day I took pain killers. I felt better but after some hours felt the same. It happened for four to five days till next Wednesday. I thought it was Covid, I wanted to give a test but by Baba’s grace without giving a test it got cured. Thank You a lot Baba, please be with us always. 

After that I felt good but I had mild body aches. Next day my mom took the first dose of the vaccine. After two days of her vaccine, she felt the same body aches as I felt. Unfortunately she should not use any pain killers after the vaccine. After two days she wasn’t able to get up, she was very weak. She was feeling giddiness, headache and body aches. I felt very sad. I prayed to Baba that I was not able to see her in that situation. I prayed to Baba, I asked Baba to show His presence. I was asking Baba that if He was listening to my prayers then to please show some message written on His photograph. Thinking like this I opened Instagram. Then I saw the very first post on Instagram with a message saying “Don’t be sad, look at me. Am I not with you? Stop worrying and smile now. Things will get better, trust me.” (I will upload that photograph) (PS: Di have pasted here and sent you on mail also)

Baba Showed His Presence And Saved Devotee Family

By seeing that message tears were rolling down my eyes. Baba is taking care like a mother and He is with me at that time. Baba this poor girl doesn’t know how to praise Your blessings, please pardon me. Koti Koti pranam Baba. While writing this too, tears are rolling down Baba. 

After an hour my mother felt good, from the next day onwards she was feeling better. After two days my dad went to the office. He is working in the health department. On that day he got to know one of his staff got positive, so my dad gave a rapid test and the result was positive. By Baba’s grace my dad didn’t have any symptoms and he is done with two doses of vaccine. I think because of that he is feeling better. 

For safer side, on the very next day both my dad and mom gave RTPCR test. At the same time my son (two years old) got fever. I felt very sad. He was not having anything. I was just chanting ‘Om Sai Rakshaka Shranam‘. By Baba’s grace he had juice and I gave him medicine but it was just giving two hours relief. We decided to take him to hospital on the next day but in this situation I didn’t want to take him to hospital. So I prayed our beloved Baba and gave Udi to him in the evening. Now see the miracle, really it was a wonder that after I gave Udi he didn’t get any fever and he was very active. Baba You gave this wonderful medicine to Your beloved devotees, thank You very much Baba. Really we are very lucky Baba that You are there in our life. Koti koti pranam Baba.

On the next day my mom and dad got test results as positive. I felt very sad but I had faith in Baba. At that time I was thinking about my two years old son. I was thinking how could I stop my son without going near his grandparents, but by Baba’s grace he listened to what I said and he did not enter their room. Without Your blessings it would not have been possible, Baba. 

Luckily by Baba’s grace my mom and dad are doing well. Thank You very much Baba for being with me . Baba, I promised to do a one week parayan. Please make me do it properly. 

After the Tirumala trip my mother-in-law and my co-sister also felt sick. My mother-in-law is very sick. Her lungs got 80% damaged. I felt sad and I prayed to Baba. I am continuously chanting “Om Sai Rakshaka Shranam”. By Baba’s grace they are doing great now. Thanks a lot Baba Baba. I am keeping everything at Your lotus feet, please don’t leave my hand. 

Baba, please remove this deadly virus soon. Baba please bless all Your children with good health.

Finally I just want to tell you all that there is a lot of power in “Om Sai Rakshka Sharanam Deva” Mantra, really it’s a miracle Mantra that Baba gave us. Please chant always during these tough situations. 

Admin, if there are any mistakes, please correct me. Baba, please pardon me if I didn’t narrate properly. Om Sai Rakshaka Shranam. Om Shridi Vasya Vidhame Sachitandaya Dhimahi Tano Sai Prachodayath. Om Sairam.

Baba There For His Devotee 24/7

Baba There For His Devotee 24/7

Shirdi Sai Devotee Meghna Sai from India says: Hi myself Meghna Sai From Bangalore, India. Thanks to Hetal mam and the whole team for divine support. 

Baba, please bless me to have patience and make me a good human. I am so much worried about good and bad in my daily life, confused and depressed too. 

Thank You for coming to our home in the form of a very big photo that is really Your blessing. I am sorry as I was very angry with You and behaved childish when my husband lost Your key chain that too on a Thursday. Then I get to know why You did that. Please forgive me, I am Your child Baba. Please delete all my negative thinking. 

Suddenly my system got off and I needed some urgent print from that. As soon as I prayed to You that I will post it here, it got ON. Thanks for that Baba.

So many times You helped me in my office work and You helped me when I reached late to office and also You helped to maintain harmony with colleagues. Thanks for that Baba. You cured my illness. Thanks for that and I still have some problems. You know that. I know You will make that go permanently. When I was upset, You made me get peace of mind through Sai Satcharitra and through Q and A site. Thanks for that Baba.

Nowadays I am feeling different, like everyone is better than me. I don’t know why I am comparing myself with everyone and making myself upset about everything. Please make my mind and soul pure and bring peace of mind Baba

Even if I won’t do anything, some people won’t like me. Simply, they will blame me. I will feel very bad about that. Just felt bad sharing it with You Baba. You know everything, You lead my life Baba. You gave and are giving everything I want. If I behave like a bad child then please forgive me.

Baba, bless my both sisters with what they want. Bless my family and everyone with good health.

Om Ganeshaya Namaha Om Adhithimappa Om Shakthi Kallalamma Thaye Om Sai Ram MKDG Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva Sai Samarth. 

Thank You Sai Appa

Thank You Sai Appa

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Sri Lanka says: I am a small devotee of Sai Baba. I feel blessed to be a part of the Mahaparayan group. 

Baba has always showered all His blessings on me and my family. In Sri Lanka now it’s a tough time due to Covid 19. My brother is working in the medical field. Last week he came and told me that he is affected by a cold. My mother and I got scared because in his office 3 positive cases were found. Immediately I prayed to Baba that it should be a normal cold and he should be alright by the next morning. My mother also prayed to all Gods and started to do all home remedies. Then I pray Baba to make my brother alright by the next morning and that I would complete reading Sai Satcharitra in 3 days. Then I started reading on Saturday morning. He was perfectly alright on Sunday morning. Thanks Sai Appa.

Secondly my mother got a sudden cough on Tuesday. I got scared and I prayed to Baba that if my mom becomes alright before evening then I will post this and my brother’s experience on this page. I started reading 1000 Vishnu names. When I completed reading that my mom was perfectly fine. Sai Appa thanks for protecting my family. 

Also last week, my sister who is in the UK got a severe migraine headache and vomiting. She was vomiting from morning to evening. Then my sister’s husband took her to the emergency room. I prayed Baba to be with her and protect her and I started reading Sai Satcharitra. After a few hours she became alright. But I totally forgot to post all these experiences. Suddenly today morning my brother got cold again. So I went to Baba, prayed and read Sai Satcharitra. That time only I remembered about me forgetting to post the experiences last week. That’s why Baba made me remember my promise. Now my brother is fine and he feels better. Thank You so much Sai Appa. Please take care of my mother, brother, sister and family, Jay and family. Om Sairam. 

Naam Jaap Saved From Viral Fever

Naam Jaap Saved From Viral Fever

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am the mother of two kids. I am from Hyderabad. 

Hetalji, as I already mentioned in my previous experiences, you are the reincarnation of Hemadpanthji. 

Recently I had severe fever and body pains for 3 days. Using dolo650 did not reduce. On applying Baba’s Udi for 3 days, I completely left it to my Sai and stood near His photo and prayed for my health as I have 2 toddlers. That night I was completely alright and did “Om Sai Rakshaka Saranam Deva” japam for 108 times as a gratitude to our Deva. What great thing can we give Him other than our surrender?

One more experience is about a gas leakage which was a very scary thing that happened as my husband asked me to leave the kitchen with the kids and he stood near the cylinder checking the regulator. I literally started crying and forced him to come out till the technician arrived. My Deva saved us that day. It was an unforgettable day of my life.

Hetalji I am waiting for two experiences to get published which I posted during May and June 2021 respectively. Om Sai Rakshaka Saranam Deva… Om Sai Rakshaka Saranam Deva… Om Sai Rakshaka Saranam Deva…! 

Baba Showed A Path

Baba Showed A Path

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: A small devotee of Baba. My baby was not eating properly at all. I cried in front of Baba. What should I say? The way Baba taught me the right thing to do is just amazing! He showed me how I had forgotten my promise and reminded me how to complete that. Needless to say when we pray to Baba for something He tells the right way to proceed. My baby is still working through her food habits but atleast I am at peace that Baba has given me this gift and He is going to help her. Thank You Baba. Om Sai Ram.

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