Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3638

How Sai Baba Entered A Devotee’s Life

How Sai Baba Entered A Devotee’s Life
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Hi Happy good morning to you. Let Sai Baba’s blessings be bestowed on all readers and the deserved human race. I am here to inform you that, you have one of the best and most informative websites. I am an ardent devotee of Shree Sai Baba. Now since 2007 in fact, most of my family members are His devotees. My late father was also an ardent devotee of Shree Sai Baba. 

I am an Indian from Bangalore and am currently in Florida as a working healthcare professional. I am married to a wife and have an 8-year-old daughter. I would like to share my experience with Sai Baba with you.

It was in Feb 2007 I was diagnosed to have a rare right epididymal tumor with a questionable infiltration. I was diagnosed to have a palpable tumor, approx 1.8×2.0 cm as per ultrasound and CT scan. I underwent lots of treatment to rule out the possibility of infection. later, I was asked to undergo explorative surgery at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida without further delay. you know Mayo is one of the world’s best hospitals in oncological cases. I was very much disturbed by my medical condition and was very apprehensive about the aftermath of surgery. I left the USA for Bangalore immediately and consulted about four different urologists in Bangalore. All of them asked me to undergo surgery without delay. They were persistent, the earlier the better because of tumor infiltration. You could imagine my state of mind at that time, The surgery would change my entire life, compromise my job back in the US which was fetching me appr $200,000 a year, and most of all my marital life. I was very depressed. At this point in time, my eldest sister who is an ardent devotee of Shree Sai Baba asked me to read Sai Baba’s book Sai Charitra (Sapthaha) within a  week’s time and undergo surgery after a week. Readers will be surprised to know that size of the tumor started to shrink from the third day of reading the book and totally gone by the end of the week. doctors were amazed to realize that there was no palpable tumor during my visit after 10 days. could you imagine what it meant in my life?

Honestly, I did not know much about Shree Sai Baba before this incident happened. I visited the Shree Sai temple at Shirdi in the month of April 2007. That was my first visit to Baba’s temple. Let me tell you a strange thing that happened at Baba’s temple on that day. I visited the temple. It was around 3.30 in the morning, when I had Baba’s Darshan for the first time in my life. All of a sudden when I looked at Him, I closed my eyes and I saw a huge bright silver idol of Lord Vishnu (Narayan) with a violet-colored shalya and in front of Him was a huge idol of a silver cow with a violet-colored thread around its neck. The next thing I noticed was I had tears coming out of my eyes. even today it amazes me I had never come across such as strange experience in my life. I tried to ask my sister about the significance of the strange picture that swept over me during darshan. She told that was Lord Vishnu with Kamadenu. One has to believe in Him.

I will narrate another example, I live about hour hours away from Sai baba temple here in Florida, a place called Inverness. Last Sunday I had to visit the temple and I was late starting and I told my wife that we would miss arathi, which was at 12.00 noon. Guess what, I reached the temple at 11.55 noon and there were lots of devotees waiting for Arathi to begin. Poojari had just lit Diya and he didn’t even do Arathi pooja, he called me first and asked me to do the Arathi. One has to ardently desire Him, He will show miracles. one has to experience His grace. He will be with you like an angel all the time.

Likewise, I come across lots of experiences with Sai baba on a daily basis. The very “strong belief” that Baba is with me keeps away all my anxieties and fear. In fact, nothing bothers me anymore. one has to realize that, anyone who comes under His grace is a gifted person. He wards off all the problems, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual, or incurable diseases stemming from previous or past karmas. He knows it all.

I feel I am blessed to have Sai’s grace.

A Global Mahaparayan Experience

A Global Mahaparayan Experience
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I wanted to share this miracle that I had promised Baba that I would post. 

My sister underwent two major surgeries and minor surgery of her intestine in the last 10 years. The recent one was just five months back. After the second surgery, she has been completely fit and fine.

Recently, she started seeing some redness, tenderness, and swelling around her vertical scar. She also developed some low-grade fever which we knew was because of the puss developing inside the scar. As she had a history of such problems, we became a bit tense about it. Our surgeon was unavailable at the moment, so we visited a local gynecologist to show her the issue. She didn’t say much initially and prescribed some medicines for the swelling. The swelling and the redness did come down but the scar developed a big bump that had white pus in it. We went to the gynecologist again for the follow-up. She didn’t understand how the bump developed and literally scared the hell out of us. She told me that this could be anything (from a hernia to anything we could imagine) and asked her to visit a surgeon. She was also a rude lady and said that this was beyond her understanding. My entire family became paranoid and my sister literally started shivering after listening to this as she had just got up from a very major intestinal surgery just five months back. The whole night we couldn’t sleep. I had stopped praying to Baba for some time due to some personal issues. I also left the parayan group a while back but Baba in very strange circumstances drew me back. This time I told Baba that it should be nothing or I will not worship Him again. We had to visit our surgeon the next day and I begged Baba that the surgeon shouldn’t say anything about it. There shouldn’t be any CT or sonography and the gynecologist’s words should come out to be false. I promised Him that I would definitely post this miracle if everything goes on well. Since I never experienced any such miracle after joining the parayan. I specifically read the two allotted chapters at 5 in the morning and wholeheartedly prayed to Baba to show some miracle this time.

The next day we visited our surgeon who himself is one of the most humble persons I have ever met. We are fortunate that we have a person like him in our lives. He saw the scar and the bump and told us that there was nothing to worry about as that was just a superficial scar and nothing serious. These were the exact words I asked Baba to make the surgeon say. He cut the scar a bit and the puss came out.

I am extremely humbled by this miracle of Baba. I know I have been a very impatient and bad devotee. I have left Baba in sheer anger but He is a fatherly figure Who never left me. I don’t know how I should ask for forgiveness. We become angry when we ask for things we want but don’t get them but we don’t understand that Baba has a better plan for us. Thank You, Sai for always being there for us always. 

Sai Baba’s Amazing Grace

Sai Baba's Amazing Grace
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: Sai Baba is my world. I am here because of him. 

Yesterday I heard from my family member how he avoided a mere disaster a couple of days ago. As soon as I heard that I thought it must be Baba Who saved him from that. In my mind, I was thanking Baba for keeping him safe. I am so grateful to Baba

Please Baba, always take care of both of them. I have completely surrendered to You Baba. You are their everything. Please bless them. I was also worried about something last week. So I prayed to Baba and He took care of it. 

My day begins and ends with Baba. Nowadays Baba is always on my mind. It gives me a lot of comforts. He is my mother, father, and everything. 

Anant Koti Bramhand Nayak Raja Dhiraj Yogiraj Parabramha Shri Satchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Love You Baba

Sai Baba Miracles

Sai Baba Miracles
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Australia says: How Baba cured my mum of Covid.

I was given Baba’s photo and Udi in 2018 on His 100th MahaSmadhi divas by one of my friends. I kept it in my pooja room. I was not His devotee at that time. In 2019 my dad became terminally ill. 2019 December Baba came into my dream and said, “Whatever you want, you ask me”. I asked Baba to cure my dad. He said no but you can ask anything you want. I was in shock and couldn’t ask anything.

My dad passed away in March, on a Thursday. I became His strong devotee and many miracles happened after I joined the Global Mahaparayan. In July my mum got Covid. Already her both lungs were damaged due to bronchitis. She is a diabetic patient too. She is 89 years old. I cried and prayed to Baba. My prayers were answered and my mum survived. All of our relatives were shocked. Almost she went to death bed but Baba saved her. 

Grace Of Sai Appa

Grace Of Sai Appa
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Sai Appa. Thank you team for this wonderful platform. 

On Monday suddenly my husband complained of giddiness. He said that he was not able to get it. I was very scared as normally he is not of that type. I prayed to Sai Appa that he should be alright. 

As always Sai heard my prayers and after one hour he was ok. Today he went to the doctor. I promised Sai Appa that I will post the experience if nothing was alarming. The doctor said that there was nothing to worry about due to work stress. He had his giddiness. Thank You very much, Deva, I have no words to thank You. You are my everything. You know what is running through my mind. Please Deva fulfill the wish. Kindly bless me, my family, and Your children. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai. 

Experience With Sai Baba

Experience With Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Devotee Maheswara from India says: I am Maheswara working in the IT Field in Hyderabad.

Yesterday I needed to attend one of my court cases and I had critical work in the office too. So I had to manage both. So I prayed to Baba to do everything smoothly. So with Baba’s blessings, all went well. Please make me guilty and free from court matters. 

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  2. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba shower your choicest blessings on my husband and children with a long healthy life, full if happiness, laughter, joy, wellness, knowledge, courage, wisdom, peace and prosperity. Baba my hubby please protect him and take care of his body and mind. Please take care of his throat and itchy problem and keep him in good health. I remember to see you but until you wish I cannot visit you, please make that possible. Baba please take care of his health and solve all his problems and challenges. Please give him a good support team. Baba please take care of kids, one is waiting for the offer and you know whats best for him and the other is coping with loneliness and study. Please be with them at all times and protect them always. I surrender to you Baba. I have an upcoming event and need your blessings and grace. Please keep me sumangali always 🙏 Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

  3. Om sai shri sai jai jai sai, om sai shri sai jai jai sai, om sai shri sai jai jai sai. Thank you baba my daughters ultra sound appointment went well. Just praying that there should be no issues in the report. Thank you baba you only can do miracles. Baba praying to get invitation so that i do not tie up with sponsorship deal.

    Thank you baba I could visit temples and pray.