Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3225

Sai Baba Helped To Get A Job

Sai Baba Helped To Get A Job

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Please keep me anonymous. Hi, Om Sairam. I would like to share my experience with Baba. Since childhood I have been Sai Baba’s devotee. I have a lot of experiences with Baba. After my M.Tech I got married and moved to Bangalore. I didn’t take any job after completing my masters. Post marriage my husband encouraged me to do a job as he doesn’t want me to sit at home doing nothing. According to him, an empty mind is the devil’s home.

So, I started my job hunt. I took training in a professional course and worked hard to get a job. However, to get a job as a fresher in that professional course is difficult. I had to get a job by showing some experience which was wrong. Some of my friends who got trained along with me got posted in well known organizations with very good packages. I was the only one left behind in that batch. It was the most depressing time for me. I had given almost 15 interviews. I wasn’t able to clear any one of them. One day I was so depressed and started crying before my husband. He told me that you gave your best. I saw that you worked hard. He was sure that I would get a job.

During this time, Baba started His plans on the other side. My husband’s childhood’s best friend who is also a Baba devotee, shifted to Bangalore as he got a job in Bangalore. My Husband explained my situation to him. He said to my husband that he would try to give me a job in the same organization where he was working. I didn’t know that my husband was trying to get me a job through his friend. One day he called me and asked me to send my fresher resume. I forwarded the same. Two days later, I got a call from this company and HR asked me to attend the interview at the office. Interview went well. After two days I got a call saying that I was selected and they released my offer letter on the same day. 

Then my husband explained to me how they had arranged an interview for me. The person who interviewed me was also my husband’s friend, which I didn’t know. Finally, I’m so happy that I got a job. It was my first job and I have really enjoyed working there. The team is very good and fun to be with. My manager always used to appreciate me. He also used to tell my husband that I’m hard working.

She advised me to take up the same course as she was so confident in me that I will surely get a new job if I learnt that technology. I was not really interested in leaving the organisation. However, after understanding the situation of the company I took the course and worked really hard again this time. I used to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to study. Sometimes, I used to sleep at 2 or 3 at night after studying. After completion of my course in March, for a month I had some real time training.
During this time I started my Thursday Vrat. In May, I started applying for jobs. By the end of May before completion of my vrat, I had an offer in my hand. However, I was not happy with the organisation and salary hike they offered me. However, I had accepted the offer. Due to urgent requirements for this new company I requested for early relief which my manager accepted with loss of pay due to which I left the organisation without completely serving the notice period.

After accepting the offer, I still searched for a better opportunity. By Baba’s grace I got another offer from a very reputed organisation with the salary that I was expecting. So I rejected the offer letter from the first organisation. Now the actual trouble started. The problem with the second company was that they released an informal offer letter without any joining date and the HR said that I will get it only after my background verification was clear.

I started my second 9 Thursday vrat during this time. There was a huge delay in releasing the actual offer letter. I was sitting at home as I had resigned from the company and got early relief and had rejected the first company offer letter. For almost two weeks I went through a lot of stress thinking whether the second company would release the actual offer letter or not. I was continuously praying to Baba for it. I started doing Sai Baba Satcharitra parayan. I have requested Baba that before I complete this parayan I want the offer letter along with the joining date. I was also constantly asking Baba in Q and A. I was always getting a positive response. As I wished, today i.e. On Monday, the 5th day of parayan, I got the offer letter and HR called me and asked to accept the offer. I’m so happy and was jumping with joy. On Sunday night I was reading Sai Baba experiences and most of the experiences were related to job. It was also a clear indication from Baba to me not to worry. You will get the offer.

Throughout my career Baba has been there with me, I’m thankful to Baba that He made me get a job in the right way. When I started my job search in 2017, it might be that Baba didn’t want me to get a job by faking my experience. That’s the reason He gave me a job as a fresher. He let me understand the office environment and working life. I must say that this new job I’m going to join is only because of Baba’s blessing. I know that He is blessing me all the time. I strongly believe that Baba will surely help in my new job as well.

Baba You know that I have another wish. This is something really important to my family. I will share my experience once my wish comes true. 

Mahaparayan Experience

Mahaparayan Experience

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I would like to remain anonymous, but I wanted to share my Mahaparayan experience. Thank you Hetalji and her team for the wonderful work they do in bringing all of us together as Baba’s family.

I lost my job in January 2020 and finding a new job was frustrating, especially in these times. Many companies were putting positions on hold and I was getting worried everyday. I prayed and prayed to Baba and I cried so many times to His picture. Many times, when I looked at His picture, I felt like He was reassuring me that He is doing everything for my good and I just need to be confident that He is working out the things for me. 

Some days, I would get so upset and tell Baba that He really needs to come through for me. One day, I was looking for something and I stumbled upon the site with Mahaparayan details with a link to join. I just filled up the form with my details and I got an email and shortly after that I got added to the WhatsApp group. This was two days before Guru Purnima in July. I wanted to do some seva as well, maybe take up the role of a house captain, but since I live in the US, I realized that it may not be very practical to coordinate with other devotees since my time zone is 10.5 hours behind India time zone. I was hoping Baba would give me an opportunity to do seva in whatever way He finds appropriate, so I informed my class teacher and principal that I was available for seva. 

With Baba’s blessings, I was able to do volunteer reading for two additional chapters. I was so grateful that He fulfilled my desire to be able to do some seva. 

Two days after Guru Poornima, a colleague from a previous company I worked for, texted me to say that their company was looking for people of my skill set and I should give a thought to return to the company. I wasn’t sure and asked Baba to give me a sign or a message if I should apply. In less than a minute I realized that the day was the last day of my Sai Likhita Prathana and it seemed that Baba was telling me that He will not let me go empty handed from this Prathana and will fulfil my wish. I texted the manager I used to work for and she responded in an hour and a half that someone from the HR team would reach out to me. With Baba’s blessings in less than four days from the day I texted the manager, I got an offer letter. He just made everything fall into place so quickly and easily. I get goosebumps and cry sometimes in gratitude when I think about how it all happened. Baba’s grace is unlimited, He loves us all. He has a plan for all of us, but I know that joining the MahaParayan and finishing the Likhita Prarthana helped to give me strength to keep going everyday for five months. I really love You, Baba. Please bless us all. 

Thank You Baba for allowing me to be part of the MahaParayan and giving an opportunity to share my experience. Om Sai Ram. 

Visa Problem Solved

Visa Problem Solved

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: As an ardent devotee of Baba, I am so grateful that He showed me His miracle finally. Om Sairam to all! I have been an ardent devotee of Baba for many years but over the past year, even more so. Over the past year, I have been reading Satcharitra one chapter every day and on Thursdays, as part of the MahaParayan, I read three chapters! I also meditate on Soundarya Lahari every single morning after bathing. 

As a visa holder in the United States, I was about to move from my current position as I wanted to focus on other endeavours. One day, when I was researching what happens when my visa expires, I saw that I would have a two year ban on applying to any other visa in the US. My dreams were crushed! As I could not work in the US for two years, I was completely lost and did not know what to do. Then I thought “Baba, I am so devoted and completely surrendered myself to You, then why must You crush me like this? You promised that You would save me from the clutches of death so show me Your power. Show me that You have accepted my prayers for the past few years”. As I was looking for other positions in my home country, by Baba’s grace, I got an inkling to research the visa again and saw that the only way you need to be in your home country for two years is if you had certain criteria met. This morning, I got confirmation that none of those criteria is met and I can apply to the US with another visa whenever I want! This was truly a gift from Baba and His acceptance of me as His devotee. 

While I will continue to have obstacles in life because of my past karmas, He proved to me that He will always be there to take me out of it. 

Baba, I have no words to describe my love and devotion towards You! This has made me believe in you 100 times more. Remember everyone, if tough situations arise, it’s only a path telling us that God exists and He will take you out of it. 

Om Sri Sainaathaya Namaha!

Baba’s Tirth Cured Devotee’s Son

Baba's Tirth Cured Devotee’s Son

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetalji and team, thanks a lot for maintaining this website. My son is two years old and has been coughing on/off for months. Some of the doctors say it’s asthma and some say its viral. Recently he was unwell again and doctors gave him antibiotics. He was better so I had sent him to the nursery.

I had arranged for Baba’s Abhishek and I went to the temple thinking all was fine. The temple is two hours away from my place. On the way I got a call from the nursery that he was not well and was struggling to breathe. I panicked and prayed to Baba. The nursery people gave him inhalers and he was better. I got little peace and was happy that we do not need to rush back and can sit for the abhishek. As it was going on, my heart was full of love for Baba and was also sad for my son. I prayed to Baba that please show a way to cure his cough, I can’t see him suffer like this. While this thought was going on in my mind, I saw the priest collecting the abhishek tirth and in my mind I said this is the cure. 

After Baba’s abhishek was finished, the priest gave us the prasad and the tirth to drink. I wanted some for my son too and lo behold the priest said I will give some for you to take as well without me asking for it. My heart started to melt to see the kindness of Baba and how He knows our needs. I bowed in front of Baba and thanked Him a lot. I started giving the tirth to my son in his milk and he started to become much better. He needs less inhalers now and I’m sure he would not need them anymore. Baba is great. I would request that one suffering from health problems start taking Baba’s tirth everyday. This is Baba’s magic potion that can cure any ailment. I pray to Baba that He blesses all of us with a good mind and body. May he always bless everyone. Om Sairam, Om Sairam, Om Sairam!

Gratitude To Baba

Gratitude To Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: I am a small devotee of Baba. Thank you Hetalji and her group for this wonderful site. 

I was due for my first Mammogram. I could not do it during the pandemic. So when I booked an appointment for it, it was way past the date that the doctor gave. I was very tense. I prayed to Baba to show me some signs on my way to the lab. Baba showed me a car with a license plate with the word “UDD” which I took to be a sign for UDI. I prayed to Baba that please show me signs that my results are going to be fine by showing me license plates starting with “U”. To my wonders of wonder, I saw cars with license plates only with You with a very few in other letters.

After the exam, I prayed to Baba that please wear a blue dress to indicate that my results will be fine. Baba kept His daughter’s wish and wore blue that day. Thank You Baba. We stopped by Baba’s temple on the way back home.

Though Baba showed me ample signs, yet the petty mind got scared. Baba is there throughout but it’s me where the fault lies. Baba showed His presence by giving a normal result. Thank you Baba.

Please cure my mom Baba. She must stand on her feet and get completely healed. Please Baba, You must listen to this prayer. I know You will make her heal. 🙏

Bless Your devotees and please Baba end this corona virus.

Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam
Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam
Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam

Sai Baba Hears Us

Sai Baba Hears Us

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: Hi! Sai Baba is here with us and He listens to us, He knows our thoughts. Sai Baba hears us. Everything we do, think and say, Sai Baba knows. I have experienced this so many times. We should be good, Sai Baba watches us, and He would want us to be good. Jay Sairam!

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  1. Om sai ram, Saima! Thank you so much. You are only one to save us ma. Please fulfill my requirements for 190 visa and ease ensure I get positive Nomination within a month. Ma thank you, before a mo th I had no hope of applying any visa but you changed and thank you for listening to my prayers. I am thankful 🙏 ma. I don’t want to be greedy but you side that my dreams will be fulfilled soon. Love you 😍 ma. Om sai ram om sai ram 🕉 sai ram….

  2. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima please hold my father sai ma protect him from covid sai,cure him baba I am so scared baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

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