Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3229

Sai Baba, The Master Planner

Sai Baba, The Master Planner

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. My humble pranam at Baba’s lotus feet and all the people who are managing this site and all the blessed devotees who share their experiences here. 

Dear devotees, if you are worried that someone doesn’t listen to you or understand your problem then don’t waste your time convincing him/her, just tell Baba that He listens to Your every word and understands you and your problem more than anyone else and He will solve it like magic. 

The same thing happened to me. We had to go to our native to attend a ceremony. My husband decided that we will travel by our four wheeler. I didn’t like his idea of travelling a distance of around 1600 km by car, which will take not less than three days, with a two-night stay at some hotel. It would be very hectic and not safe either. We may fall sick during the long journey with outside food. If it happens then we may not enjoy the function. After that we again need to make the same long trip by car to come back. Moreover, my son’s classes would be affected very badly. But my husband didn’t consider all these and he even wanted a friend of his to accompany us which I didn’t want. But my husband had planned everything, the route by which to travel and when to go with his friend, etc. 

I knew, if I disagreed with his plans, there would be a big fight. I was sure that he would never listen to me. So it was no use telling him anything. I prayed to Baba and told Him, “It is of no use to tell my husband about the problems, but I am telling You. You understand everyone’s problem, so You do something.” Few days passed, the date of our travel was nearing and my husband was ready with his plans to go by car, but who are we to plan anything, when Baba is the master planner? Then something strange happened. Surprisingly we got the annual exam timetable from my son’s school which mentioned that the exams were starting during the time of the trip, which was a month earlier than usual. It had never happened before. We were surprised at how the exams were way before the scheduled time.

My husband got upset with this news, as it was not possible to travel back by car for three days during his exam. All his plans got shattered. I realized that it was Baba’s leela only. Yes, He heard my prayer and so simply and skillfully He played His Leela that all my problems got solved automatically even without me telling anything to my husband. My husband had to book flight tickets and the friend who was supposed to accompany us didn’t come with us. I was so relaxed and thanked Baba many times from the bottom of my heart. As Baba says in Ch-41, “I am ready to fulfil all your desires and that there is no use of asking others in vain.” Yes, it is true, share everything with Him only, He is the true friend, He always listens and helps us in strange and miraculous ways. I am indebted to You Baba. Om Sai Ram! 

Mahaparayan Miraculous Experiences

Mahaparayan Miraculous Experiences

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a Homemaker from India. I would like to share my Mahaparayan miraculous experiences.

Om Sairam. I would like to share two miracles that happened in my life as an anonymous devotee. I have been a Sai devotee for many years, and I joined the Mahaparayan group on 21st January 2021.

First Miracle: My husband has been working abroad for over seven years now. He wanted to return to India over the past one year due to health conditions. He did this with no luck because of the bad economic situation and job market in India and had to drop the idea. However, a week after joining the Mahaparayan group (i.e., 28th January 2021, Thursday), one of his colleagues (one who he has not spoken to or met in over 20 years) called him and offered him a job in a good company. With Baba’s blessing, my husband went through the entire interview process (where each interview round and discussion took place only on Thursdays). He received the job confirmation letter on 8th March 2021 (also a Thursday). With Baba, our Sadhguru, watching over us, we are extremely happy to come back to India.

Second Miracle: Like how Baba blessed Babu Tendulkar with his medical examinations even when the stars were against him (as cited in chapter 29 of Sai Satcharitra), the same way Baba also blessed our daughter who was trying for MS in the US. She got a seat in one of the top universities, even though, according to our astrologer, her stars were not favourable to get a seat in any college and go abroad this year. But I did not lose hope and believed only in my Baba, prayed to Him, and promised to share my experiences on the Mahaparayan experiences site if He would protect and look after my daughter. He then blessed my daughter with a call for the interview on 8th April 2021 (Thursday). Her interview was on 15th April (again a Thursday). Her official acceptance letter was also received on Thursday, 29th April, with Baba’s grace and blessings.

These experiences confirm the belief that Our Baba is and will always be with us. Therefore, we should never lose hope, have patience and always trust Him. Shraddha and Saburi. 

Baba Helped

Baba Helped

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the UK says: I’ve been Baba’s devotee for many years. We recently moved to another country. I was praying to Baba to make everything go fine. We had to travel by flight and I was so scared of the virus. I kept praying to Baba. Thankfully we reached safely and sound. 

Initially we were in a hotel and started looking for rental houses. We thought we would get something soon but nothing was working out. We were so stressed and worried about what would happen. I kept praying Baba to help me. We just had 5 days left to vacate the hotel but still no house was finalized. I was literally crying every night asking Baba to help. 

Finally we saw one house which almost met our requirements and we asked them to make us shift soon. They agreed and did the paperwork soon and we moved to the rental house in time. Even if it was a one day delay, I don’t know what would have happened, where we could stay. This is nothing but Baba’s miracle. I can’t thank Him enough for saving me and my family from big trauma.

Please Baba bless us and be with me and my family always. Please forgive me if I make any mistakes, only You can guide me to the right path. 

Sai Leela

Sai Leela

Shirdi Sai Devotee Ananya from India says: I am Ananya, member of the MahaParayan group MP-3217N1-Vittal Sai. Today, I would like to share one leela of Baba.

I have been a member of the MahaParayan group for the last two years. Recently, I purchased a flat in Kolkata and all because of Baba’s guidance. Every time before finalising a project, I would seek Baba’s guidance. I would cast lots with “YES” and “NO”. I have read in the book Sai Satcharitra, chapter no 45, how Baba helped in solving the dilemma through casting lots and I also took help of it. It seemed to me that Baba was guiding me throughout. I purchased the flat which Baba had recommended. Before purchasing the flat, I prayed to Baba and said, “Baba, please see that my money does not go in vain. Help me in finalising the flat.” Baba guided me and I am very happy with the purchase. The entire process went on very smoothly with the blessings of Baba

After becoming a member of the MahaParayan group, my life has changed a lot. All my works and things are going on smoothly with Baba’s blessings. Have faith in Baba. He is with us all throughout. Om Sairam

Sai Baba’s Blessings Through Satcharitra

Sai Baba’s Blessings Through Satcharitra

Shirdi Sai Devotee Rajesh Kumar from India says: I am Rajesh and was looking for a job after my college. I am an MBA student and have been looking for a job since December 2020 as my degree would be over by 2021 June. 

I joined the Mahaparayan group and Sai in my life group for reading Sai Satcharitra regularly. I joined the group in Feb 2021 and by June I got the job in one of the biggest companies with a good package. Out of nowhere this help came. I believe it was Sai Baba in human form Who helped me. I got my provisional degree before everyone although it was a tedious task but again Sai Baba came to my rescue. I am going to do 9 Thursdays fast. It’s all because of Him. All the blessings are given to us from Satcharitra. I apply Udi whenever I am in trouble and the situation gets under control because of It. Om Sairam!

Sai Baba Asked To Do Bhajan

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: Hi Sairam! I think Bhagwan and Mataji might have sent a voice or were the voice in my head that told me to do one Bhajan. Later, when I was about to play one Bhajan or song, my dad asked me to play Hanuman Chalisa. Mataji and Bhagwan probably told me to do a Bhajan because my dad wanted the Hanuman Chalisa. Jay Hanuman Dada! Jay Sairam! Jay Badha Bhagwan! Jay Badha Mataji!

On another occasion, I was looking for my mom outside and a voice in my head told me to go one way, and my mom was there. I get voices in my head that help me sometimes and tell me to do something that would help me. Mataji and Bhagwan must be sending those voices or they must be their voices. Even if they are not, Mataji and Bhagwan are always with us. Jay Sairam! Jay Badha Mataji! Jay Badha Bhagwan!

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