Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3885

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Gratitude for Shirdi Baba’s Guidance and Blessings

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from the USA says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. Thank You to the team maintaining this blog.

1st Experience: I want to thank Baba for His help over the past few days. I was in a difficult situation at work the other day, where I had two meetings that I was so scared to attend because my manager was very rude. I prayed to Baba that if the meetings went well, then I would share the experience, and yes, by Baba’s blessings, they went well. Thank You, Baba, for helping me with that assignment. I also needed my manager’s approval for something, and I was so scared that I would get it, but by Baba’s blessings, they agreed. Baba, I don’t know if they’ve sent it yet, but please, once they do, I will surely post about the experience. Baba, thank You also for making the conversation with the other manager go well. I really like her role, and I pray that it all works out and that I can stay in the company on a different team, Baba. Thank You, Baba, for giving me the refund on the fee, and please help us get the refund on the other bill too, Baba, hopefully. Baba, I also want to thank You for making yesterday go well and not letting my friend spill anything.

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Baba, thank You also for helping us find the item we were looking frantically for, and also for not letting our mom get mad when we forgot the bag and were running late. Baba, I had also prayed that my mom shouldn’t look through my phone, and by Your blessings, Baba, she didn’t. Please make sure she doesn’t, Baba; it always causes so much misunderstanding. Baba, thank You also for allowing us to come to the temple yesterday. Baba, I pray that I get my date soon, please. Baba, You know what I am praying for. Please bless us soon with a good match. I actually really liked that alliance, but my parents are saying there’s too much of an age gap. Baba, please bless us with a good match. Baba, thank You for always helping me, even when I don’t deserve it. We are so blessed to be Your children, Baba.

2nd Experience: I want to thank Baba for His help with many things this week. I was in a difficult situation where I had to ask my mom something but was hoping that it wouldn’t cause issues, and I prayed to Baba that I would share the experience here. Yes, by Baba’s blessings, it didn’t cause too much of an issue. Baba, thank You also for resolving that situation that night and not letting it become a big problem. Baba, thank You also for giving me the manager’s approval. I needed my manager’s approval to apply for a new role, and I was so tense because he was not nice, but by Baba’s blessings, he gave me the approval. Thank You, Baba, for it, and I pray that I get selected for this new role and that I am allowed to apply for the other role too. Baba, please don’t let any trouble happen today, and thank You so much, Baba, for letting me get my date this week so I can come to the temple and do pooja. Baba, You know what I am praying for; please bless us soon with it. Thank You, Baba, for always helping me even when I don’t deserve it. Baba, we are so blessed to be Your kids.

Thank You So Much, Sai Baba.

Grateful Moments and Prayers

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from the USA says: I want to be called Sai’s daughter.

Thank you, Hetal ji and team, for providing us with this platform where we Sai devotees can share our beautiful experiences with our Sai family. 

Sai, thank You so much for always supporting us and being there for us. Thank You, Sai, for taking care of the electrical work without any problems. My husband thought that the charging thing broke when it fell down, but You again came to our rescue and saved us. The handyman came and fixed the charger without any problems. Thank You so so much for listening to my prayers, Deva. Sai, please do this favor, Deva, please please help me lose weight. I am not able to take this anymore, Sai, please Deva.

Love You Sai

Om Sai Ram!

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents sai ma please hold my father sai ma protect him baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa