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The Real Doctor Is Sainatha Deva

The Real Doctor Is Sainatha Deva

Shirdi Sai Devotee Vishwanathan Maunapen from Mauritius says: I am everything that Sairam wants me to be!

Today is Thursday 15.07.2021. Thanking our adorable Shri Sainatha Deva for always coming to our rescue in every challenging time. 

Yesterday morning, my mother came to my room, explaining about the pain she was having from her left corner of her face. The pain was so intense that she became more anxious. Immediately, I made her sit and applied Shri Sainatha Deva’s miraculous Vibhuti all over the pain area while chanting Baba’s auspicious name. As per frequent experiences, I am always confident in the Udi’s healing effect. I firmly assured my mother that she was going to be free from that pain very soon by our most compassionate Shri Sairam’s loving grace. 

Indeed in the afternoon, I came home early from work to find my mother happily doing her daily routine with much enthusiasm. She is indeed free from that pain. Well, we all thank Baba immensely for so much unconditional love and motherly care to the extreme extent. My mother was worried that the pain would be something worse like facial paralysis but when Shri Sainatha Deva is here to take very good care of His loving and innocent devotees, then life becomes divinely meaningful every moment. 

To everyone reading this experience, forget about all previous deeds done earlier and focus on this very moment to thank Shri Sai Samarth for His priceless presence in our life. Baba is definitely beyond our human comprehension, the whole Universe belongs to Him yet we can still offer Him something worthy which is really ours. That is our concentrated Love! Yes, our love that we give to everyone and everything else which is sure to leave us at some point of time. Give your genuine love only to Baba Sairam. Love Him like you have never ever loved anyone with such intensity before. Focus on all the unique experiences that you have had so far and you will find yourself to be grateful all the time. 

Keep telling in your mind: I love You Baba as only You deserve this love of mine!

Baba The Healer

Shirdi Sai Devotee Meghna Sai from India says: Hi Sairam to all devotees. Thanks to Hetalji and team.

I am Baba’s daughter who does every work with His permission And He guides me 24/7, He corrects me every time when I am about to cross the border.

Experience 1: My sister was not feeling well and she had a runny nose. She works and daily she is in contact with my father and she has a small kid. I was scared and prayed to Baba. He answered my prayer and she recovered in no time. As promised posting here.

Experience 2: My sister’s daughter went through some tests because her part of head is slightly big but by Baba’s grace everything came normal. So as promised posting here and I will do Satcharitra Saptah.

Experience 3: In the Month of April I vowed to Baba to do Nav Guruvar Vrat to reduce these Pandemic cases. In the fifth week of vrat, cases immensely decreased and today it’s my last week. I got the first and second chapter in Mahaparayan, where Baba grinded wheat to end cholera. It’s a good sign from Baba.

Please forgive me for my mistakes done knowingly and unknowingly.

Om Ganeshaya Om Shakthi Kallalammathaye Adhithimappa MKDG Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam Deva Om Sai Samarth Om Sri Sai Arogya Kshemadaya Namaha Om Shirdi Vasaya Vidhmahe Sachidanandaya Dheemahe Tano Sai Prachodayath Om Sri Akilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadi Raji Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Sachidananda Sadhguru Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. 

Baba Saved From Pain

Baba Saved From Pain

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a small devotee of Baba from India. Om Sairam. I have known Baba for a few years and would like to share my experience. I had promised Baba that I would share my experience if I came out of the pain. Sorry Baba for posting the experience so late as I forgot to do it. 

One such experience was when my friends and I went to Tirupati and while going to Kalahasti I was feeling uneasy and getting a vomiting sensation. I could not stop the car as it was the mountain range where we were travelling. I prayed to Baba that I should become normal and not vomit and visit Kalahasti and my hometown without any problem. 

On another occasion at night I was not able to sleep due to the pain in my ears. I again called Baba to help me from this pain and to make me sleep. Thank You Baba for helping me when I have a problem. 

You know Baba what condition I am in and what problems I am facing both financially and personally. I need Your support and blessings Baba, without whom nothing is possible. 

Baba Cured Mother From Fever

Baba Cured Mother From Fever

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: I’m from the US. I had prayed to Baba that I would share my experience on this blog and hence posting. 

Om Sairam. Thank you for this platform which connects Baba with us every minute. This is my second post and I didn’t know whether my first post got published. 

On Saturday 10 July 2021, my mother had a sudden fever of 103 degrees and severe headache. My sister was nearby. Due to this pandemic we all got scared and I prayed to Baba wholeheartedly to cure her soon without any further problems and if so then I would post the experience on Thursday, that is today 15 July 2021. 

I asked my mom to take Udhi water and apply Udhi on her forehead. Also I have asked my sister’s son to visit nearby Baba temple and pray sincerely and apply Udhi again. Baba showered His blessings towards Amma and her fever had gone the next day itself. Thank You so much Baba and my namaskarams at Your lotus feet. Baba, please give good health to all our family members and to the entire world. Baba, please protect us. Om Sairam!

Completed Sai 9 Week Vrat For Marriage

Completed Sai 9 Week Vrat For Marriage

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hi All, I am a small devotee of Sai Baba who has been praying for my marriage for many years.

By Baba’s grace I completed a 9 week vrat for my marriage today. For the last one month I could not complete last week’s vrat due to one or the other issues. By Baba’s grace I could complete it today. 

I pray all Sai devotees pray for my marriage and may bless me with a good partner soon by the completion of this pooja via this platform. Please bless me with a good partner soon Baba. I have been praying and waiting for Your blessings for 7 years. Please make my marriage happen soon without any delay with the guy whom You have decided for me. All the devotees bless me whole heartily. 

I have done many poojas, wandered many temples with my parents for my marriage. I have also written multiple prayer requests here. It’s been painful that my marriage is getting delayed. So please bless me Baba. 

Thank You Very Much Sai

Thank You Very Much Sai

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am Shirdi Sai devotee from Bangalore. Om Sairam to all devotees. Thank you Hetalji and team for your wonderful work. I am a small devotee of our beloved Sai Baba. Thank you for publishing many of my previous experiences. Coming to my recent experiences:

I lost my branded earphone in the house. I searched everywhere but didn’t find it. I was feeling bad and worried as it was gifted to me by my son, so was having sentimental attachment to it. Then I prayed to Sai Baba and vowed if I get it then I would post the same in this blog. Then I searched once again in my house. With Baba’s blessings I got it. Thank You Sai Baba. 

2.  Coming to my next experience, I was having a house for rent. Because of this pandemic very few were enquiring and asking for very less rent. Then I prayed sincerely to Sai Baba to get a good tenant and vowed to post the same on this blog. After a few days an enquiry came and with Baba’s blessings settled for a reasonable good amount. Thank You Sai for Your kind help. 

I am very sorry for the delay in posting this blog. Please Sai, kindly cast Your blessings on my family and all devotees. Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavantu. Om Sairam. 

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima please hold my father sai ma cure his injuries baba reduce his blood glucose levels baba, please tell him to stop his drinking and smoking habit baba,these days i couldn’t understand anything saima We are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  2. Omsairam..i love you.thankyou so much for whatever you have blessed us with…thankyou so much for making the washing machine run..i was so tensed about it….love youBaba🙏🙏🙏

  3. Om Sai Ram, Sai Ma Thank you. Please remove all the turmoil as you know very well what I am going through. Om sai ram, Om sai Ram om sai ram

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