Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3376

Sai Baba Answers

Sai Baba Answers

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Canada says: I would like to say that me and my husband started praying Shirdi Sai Baba recently. 

My only daughter, 21 years old ran away from home for nine months with a black man and we are trying our best to bring her back home to send her back to school. She blocked all our emails and didn’t have any contact whatsoever. One of our Airbnb guests told me about Sai Baba. I visited the temple. My husband and I pray to Baba every day now. I have Sai Baba’s picture next to the computer and I tell Baba all the time to break that unhealthy relationship and bring back my child home. It’s very strange that my daughter has not blocked the email contact anymore. Although I repeatedly write to her asking to leave that black man and to either come home or we will find an apartment for her to move in. Nothing solid has happened so far, but at least now we have one way communication. I truly believe that Baba is trying to help us and hoping that my daughter will move out from the black man (who introduced drugs and alcohol to her) and broke her education. My daughter went to the police to stop us looking for her. She doesn’t understand our concerns that we are trying to help to get her out of this bad situation. 

Baba, it is so stressful to see my child’s life is being destroyed and we are in so much pain day and night. I am waiting for some miracle from Sai Baba. My left eye vision is also damaged, still not fully recovered, but with the grace of Sai Baba I hope I am getting there. I go to Hindu temple and pray and talk to Baba all the time to bring my daughter back. I am praying Baba to bring her home before her next birthday which is Dec 17th so that we can have some peace in our lives. I cannot sleep at night and I worry so much without a solution to this matter. Also I lost my job and I have no booking for my Airbnb as well. From this week I have no income and my real estate business also has zero income. 

Baba, please look at me and help me to overcome these worries. 

1. Bring back my only child.

2. Find a job.

3. Real estate deals.

4. Airbnb bookings. 

Please talk to my daughter and show the difference between right and wrong and good and bad. She is doing everything wrong and bad. She is with the wrong people and doing wrong things Baba.

Sai Baba Helped Again

Sai Baba Helped Again

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Europe says: Ganpati Morya and Sairam to all devotees. Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year!

Om Sai Ram. Here I come again to tell all Baba devotees another experience. One month ago my friend had some health issues and we were afraid that it could be cancer because the doctor told us that she needs some tests and exams to check and confirm her problem. I prayed to Babajaan that if the results come fine and positive then I would post this experience. At the same time my sister was having hair fall problems. So again I told Babajaan that if that problem disappeared then I would post this experience here. Now that both problems are solved I came here to tell them that we must be firm on our faith and Babajaan will always come to save us. 

My friend’s health tests came back normal and my sister’s hair is also becoming fine. At the moment hair is not falling as much like before. Thank You Babajaan for always helping us. Baba, forgive us and me if I made mistakes. Babajaan, at this moment I need help to solve my problem. Please show me my answers and help me to solve this puzzle that has been in my life for two years now. Ganpati Bappa Morya and Sairam devotees. Keep your faith bigger than your fears. 

Sai Baba’s Grace

Sai Baba’s Grace

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: I reside in the USA and have been a devotee of Sai Baba for more than 20 years. I was introduced to Sai Baba by my mother-in-law many years back. I visited His temple in India and since then have been His devotee. His presence is now part of my life. 

We as humans face challenges everyday but some are critical and without Sai Baba’s intervention it would be difficult to survive. I have faced multiple and serious situations in my life and by the grace of His presence, I have survived the ordeals. 

My brother had severe abdominal pains for many months. I was nervous and praying daily to Sai Baba for His miracle. The doctors advised a CT scan and I was very anxious about the results. The wait was agonising till we got the results which by Baba’s grace was normal. I had promised to write about this experience once the results came back. Also I am grateful to Baba for normal blood work results for my husband. 

Baba, please help my son with his career. Please protect him and help him to achieve his goal.
Om Sai, Shree Sai, Jai Jai Sai!

Power Of Sai Baba Udi

Power Of Sai Baba Udi

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks a lot Hetalji for this wonderful platform to share experiences. It is giving us positive energy. I am a Sai devotee and I am used to sharing experiences here. Today I am so happy to share my other experiences. 

I am not getting words to express my gratitude. I am doing some project work in my lab and for that I need carbon dioxide supply. Size of the cylinder is small and yesterday I only started my work. I didn’t know how many days it would last. Today is a holiday and if it got over by today then I would be in trouble because none will be there to help me. So since yesterday, I was continuously praying to Sai for maintaining the supply. Today afternoon it got over and an alarm was coming showing low carbon dioxide. I was shocked and I prayed to Sai. I just apply Udi on the machine and the cylinder. Then I moved to another room and searched in chrome about the possibility of maintenance of cells at low carbon dioxide concentration. After a few minutes when I checked the machine, the alarm was gone and CO2 was coming. I was really surprised to see it and I had prayed to Sai for helping me. Thanks a lot Sai. Please help me like this always.

Be with me Sai. Please Baba. Jai Sairam.

Confession To Sai Baba

Confession To Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Devotee Meghna Sai from India says: Hi, Everyone I want to talk to Baba very badly and I want to ask, “Why me Always?”

Baba, You will always tell me to be loyal and to be honest and truthful. But my circumstances and my surroundings are not the same. Everyone is against me. They always tackle me. I feel alone and helpless if I act the same way. You scold and You punish me. I am a human even. I will get triggered then how many times to control Baba? Do I have bad intentions towards anyone? You know that I always wish good for my family and others. But I can’t tolerate the poison that they hold in their hearts for me. Why? Who will protect me? You will tell that your positivity and your truthfulness will protect. But how can I be calm and be patient in front of these people. I am not so mature. I beg You. Yes, I have made several mistakes in my life but I am not that now. I paid for those now but am still facing issues. But are these people genuine; always planning triggers? They don’t want to think about their future and are busy spoiling my life. I really can’t bear this more. Guide me, give me blessings to be calm and I should follow the way You show me and make me that. Sorry for everything. Forgive me and make me a good human.

Sorry Hetal Di this is not an experience but I want to talk to Baba. I have only this way. 

Gratitude For Sai Baba

Gratitude For Sai Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India, kindly keep me anonymous. 

Thanks to the entire team for maintaining this platform which is acting as Kalpavraksha. 

I requested Baba that I should not get periods during Laxmi pooja of Diwali. As promised I am posting this experience as it has avoided me from taking tablets to postpone menses which have lots of side effects. Thanks Baba for helping me. Om Sairam! 

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima please hold my father sai ma cure him baba cure his blood glucose levels baba protect him baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  2. Om SAI RAM… Baba please protect and safeguard my husband and children. Please shower your choicest blessings of good health, joy, peace, laughter, happiness and prosperity always. Baba there are some changes happening around us, not sure its good or otherwise. Please be there to protect us and help us maintain ourselves. Please help us work harder and be stronger to handle things as per your plans. Help us deliver and meet the expectations at work and at home. Please give insight to my husband to look beyond and in the future. Baba please recognise his dedication and reward him accordingly. Baba please stay with us always. baba enlighten and protect my children, help them complete their education and give them insight to stand on their own feet with a respectable living. baba please protect the family and take care of us Baba. Help me Baba do something good onto this world, I have some dream baba of being someone outstanding and without your help and support I cant achieve anything. Please be there for me Baba and help me make my family proud of my accomplishments. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

  3. Dear “confession to Saibaba” editor.


    Here are a few humble thoughts…..

    your story echoes with thousands of other people/devotees in this world. we keep doing good but we keep getting bad or less than what we think we deserve. That is karma. Some karma which has being sprouting is unavoidable per Sai Samartha Satcharita. So please consider this as such and work out your karma diligently. Besides BABA has said that those who suffers and bears, Baba is always with them (not those who carp and cavil). So please consider yourself blessed to be in BABAs umbrella.

    Also, spiritually, you cannot control others actions but you can control your reaction to them i.e from experience you know what to expect from your surroundings, so next time an event occurs please ensure you dont hurt yourself. I think you are lacking in this area. please consider your thoughts, feelings and emotions during your interactions with your family and make sure you are not exposed to hurt. By doing so, Unknowingly, you will have raised yourself spiritually since you would know how to “detach” yourself. Since BABA says detachment is a blessing, and detachment is not just from good people and good situations but also bad people and bad situations, I think BABA wants to teach you this. So please consider all this as a Blessing not a curse.

    best wishes


  4. OmSairam
    Baba, thank you for everything. Please be with all of us always and bless us all.
    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all