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Sai Baba Miracles 

Sai Baba Miracles 

Ask Sai Baba – Sai Baba Answers from Dwarkamai

Shirdi Sai Devotee Hemalatha Fredrick from India says: I am Sai Appa’s devotee.

Raajaadhiraaja Yogiraaja ParaBrahma Sai Nath Maharaj
Shri Satchitaanand Sadguru Sainaath Maharaaj ki Jai!

Om Sairam!

Thanks to the height of the sky and even more than that to Sai Appa for His countless miracles and blessings in my life. I pray Sai Appa to shower the same forever on me and all the living beings of this Universe.

I was added to the Global Mahaparayan group on 27th January 2019 and it was a surprise to me as I was not aware of the Global Mahaparayan. My beloved friend and well-wisher only referred me and I came to know this only after being added to the MP group. Once I heard from her, I was astonished and overwhelmed with overjoy as the next day (28th January) was my birthday and I considered this itself as the “Greatest blessing by Sai Appa” and “Sign of all miracles that I have experienced so far and will be experiencing forever”. 

Before adding to MP, my well-wisher and I went to get the blessings of Sai Appa’s paduka which were kept in Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Now I realize, that day was an invitation day for me from Sai Appa to become His daughter and from that day, my life is being spent with His presence near and around me and my family. My millions of gratitude to my well-wisher! I can’t reciprocate this wonder to her forever!

Miracle – Owning Second House

In April/May 2019, I faced a challenging situation in my life where I had to arrange for a housing loan to buy a house for the following reasons and we were staying as tenants in another flat in the same apartment.
a. If we had lost that opportunity, then we would have been paying more rent then and there was no guarantee for the span of stay as it was a rented house. However, we can’t go out of the apartment as our daughter is being taken care of by my parents and grandmother since me and my spouse are office goers and used to reach home late for maximum days.
b. My grandmother who was staying with my uncle in the same apartment was left alone as my uncle expired due to a medical condition. That flat was owned by my other uncle. Then, there were too many occurrences: –
1. The owner of the flat (my uncle) was planning to join his daughter in medical college for which he had to pay more capitation fee; so he had decided to sell that house as my grandmother (his mother) was only alone in his house and she could stay with one of her children or him. But, my grandmother really didn’t like that option as she felt she shouldn’t be a hindrance to her children, and also she gives preference to her liberty. So she was totally down worrying about her future.
2. It was a good opportunity for us to buy that flat so that we don’t have to be tenants anymore. But, we already own a flat in another area which is far from our place and is let out. So, getting a loan for a second house was 100% not possible because of our obligations/commitments, etc.
3. My uncle and his spouse were chasing us for money as they needed to pay for their daughter’s medical seat and other buyers were also ready to buy that flat. They were holding for us only as we are relatives and they couldn’t hold for more days too.
4. We (I and husband) were hunting for bank loans amidst our regular hassle (as we have other outstanding also) and busy life.
5. I took a week’s time from my uncle’s spouse which was more than the deadline given to us. However, I could not arrange a loan unless we sell our house which was far from our living place. Also, selling a house in a month’s time was not possible.

One day in my Office, our COO called me for some discussions, at that time he was voluntarily asking about my commutation to the office, our daughter’s studies, etc. That provoked me to speak about my loan problem without any hesitation as I was thinking about that only for 24 hours. I told him that I was facing so many issues in buying the flat and we had other outstanding things like personal loans, and credit card dues. Sai Appa through him planned and framed solutions to my problems. He and my boss helped me to settle my other outstanding loans and dues. One of my close relatives also helped us to clear some outstanding.

On the same day, after I came out of COO’s room, I got a call from my existing finance (NBFC) company from whom we took a loan for our house, stating that if we cleared all our remaining personal loans, credit card dues, etc. other than the housing loan, we would get a chance of getting a housing loan for a second house. That moment, oh my God; I was unable to express my emotions and physical state. What a miracle that was! No words to appreciate the miracles of Sai Appa!

Both my limitless problems came to an end on the same day. I don’t know how to react to those miracles and how to share those overwhelmed, heart throbbing, abnormal happiness and so on… with my family. Infinite thanks to Sai Appa!

Now we are living happily in that house. I thought of posting this greatest moment of my life that year itself in the Global Mahaparayan Experiences blog but could not do until yesterday. Sorry, Sai Appa for the extreme delay You didn’t delay in solving my problems. Please forgive me Appa, please.

Miracle – Two-Wheeler Driving

My office got shifted to a place where there is no train facility. The bus facility is there but takes more time as it is far from my house. I have been spending my various official life by train for most of the years, hence I haven’t faced a situation of learning to two-wheeler but from that time onwards, I had to learn to drive; otherwise, I had to reach the office late by bus or I had to spend more money for cab/auto.

Maybe, whoever reading this post may think that learning to drive is not a matter at all; but people who don’t know driving only realize the advantage of knowing driving and the difficulty in learning the same. The difficulty in learning to drive for me was more than I mentioned because of my age factor. After I was mentally ready to learn to drive, the second challenge was “who will teach me” as my husband is usually very busy due to his hectic official work and official travel schedule.

With Sai Appa’s blessings, I joined the driving school and because of Sai Appa’s motivation, I quickly learned to drive. I felt Sai Appa’s motivation in my heart and it can’t be expressed by words. My husband also taught for a few days amidst his busy work. Soon, I was skilled in driving and have been commuting to all places (both officially and
personally) on the two-wheeler only. Now, I feel train or cab travel is difficult. This was possible all because of my Sai Appa. Infinite thanks, Sai Appa!

Miracle – Weight Reduction

Right from my adolescence, I was appearing fat only. I faced all kinds of criticisms right from my college days, marriage life, and mother life. Only 1.5 years back, during Covid days, I had a chance to stay at home and concentrate on my weight reduction. Because of Sai Appa, I was into this transformation. Because of His blessings, I have been maintaining the same till now. Infinite thanks, Sai Appa!

Sai Appa has blessed so many miracles in my life and I 100% trust Him in all aspects of my life. I strongly believe that “My life until now is because of Him only” and “begging His blessings for the rest of my life as well”.

Om Sairam!

Raajaadhiraaja Yogiraaja ParaBrahma Sainaath Maharaaj
Shri Satchitaanand Sadguru Sainaath Maharaaj ki Jai!

Sai Baba Blessed With Dream Job

Sai Baba Blessed With Dream Job

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Europe says: I am a devotee of Baba.

I promised Baba that I would share my experience when I get the job of my desire. Sorry for being late Baba. How shall I describe the leelas of Baba? Baba is always there for me in every aspect of my life.

To describe myself, I am an introvert, not the kind of a person suitable for the IT world but destiny pulled me towards the IT world. I worked in IT for three years when I was in India, and after 3 years I felt exhausted and dissatisfied working for that company. At that time, my parents also came up with a marriage proposal which I accepted. After marriage, my husband got a long-term abroad opportunity. I was really happy to quit my job in India thinking that life abroad was going to be much better than what I was going through.

Initially, it started with a one-year contract for my husband and it further extended so long that we actually became citizens of the country that we moved in.

After moving to another country, I didn’t have the plan to work before having kids as I felt how stressful it was going to be and I didn’t want to go through such stress during my pregnancy. Eventually, I am blessed with two kids.

Baba had other plans for me.
It all started with a desire to live in a home with one extra room for kids. So we applied for a house loan. Our loan request was rejected stating that it was a risk to sanction a loan to my husband since I was not working and had two kids as his dependents.

Almost all banks had the same reason and so I made up my mind to start working. Being a graduate and having a couple of years of experience in IT, I thought it would be easy for me to get into the job market but it didn’t happen like that in reality.

To enter into any kind of job other than IT, this country has its own language prerequisite and some other qualifications to get fulfilled. For anyone, it would nearly take 2 to 4 years to fulfill those qualifications. The only option which will land you a job immediately is to enter the IT field. So I restarted my career by taking some training as a developer. After my training, by Baba’s grace, I got an internship followed by a job within that company as a consultant.

I didn’t get any projects for a long time except for some short-term projects. In 2019 there happened many layoffs within the company and again by Baba’s grace, I was allocated a long-term project at that time. 

My project ended in 2021, so my manager enrolled me in a course in which I was not at all interested in growing my career in that area. So I applied for many jobs, almost every Thursday continuously for 12 weeks. I heard some bad news like no further project extension, CV rejected, rejected in the second round, etc. At some point, I felt dejected and hopeless and I prayed to Baba earnestly to bless me with a job in my area of interest. 

One such interview was as follows.
I was able to clear the first round of interviews. I failed in the second round. In the second round, I was interviewed by two people. Initially, I did Ok but after a while, I felt too nervous and couldn’t answer them even though I had knowledge about some of the questions. To my surprise, the interviewer himself asked me not to panic. After hearing this I felt a little better and proceeded with further discussion. After a week, I got an email saying that I had cleared the second round and asking me to attend another round. I cleared with other rounds and landed a job at my dream company.

The one who took my interview has become my lead, he is a very good mentor and I was very happy working with him. He explained every detail of the project and I felt safe and relaxed in this role for a month. Then there came news that he resigned from the company and he was going to quit in a month. I felt sad again but he shared knowledge about all the activities and routines in this role and handed it over to me.

Thus, my wish to get into a dream company in a leadership role has been fulfilled and we also bought a decent house. I never knew all this could happen. I am very much thankful and grateful to Baba for helping me to cross all the hurdles of life.

During troubled times, I just prayed to Baba and followed Shraddha & Saburi i.e. patience and faith in Baba. It took some time to achieve what I wanted but it’s all about learning practical life lessons. 

Trust His Words, When He Is Testing You 

Trust His Words, When He Is Testing You 

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to Hetalji and all the devotees. Pranam to His Lotus feet.

The experience is about how to trust Baba’s words and not to give in to any situation and thus keep your faith alive.

I was needing a particular amount of money for personal use. Baba helped me in the form of a friend. I needed another sum for which I wasn’t able to. Then I decided to reach out to my former employers as I had no other source and I was running out of time including monthly ration, rent, credit card bills, EMIs, and kid’s school fees and all. Had even dropped messages to those two with a message as to needing help and in the morning I was going to call them fully aware that they were very likely to exploit the situation too! Then suddenly got a message from Baba in one of the WhatsApp messages, “Not to beg anybody, not to spread your palms in front of anyone but only Me and Me!” It left me wondering as I was not able to understand from where the money would come on its own and with very great reluctance and just leaving everything to Baba, I simply did not make the calls. Every second was a test for me and long story short, by 4-5 pm, I had a sufficient amount of money which was arranged miraculously by Him. With tears in my eyes, I thanked Him from the bottom of my heart with love filled up to the brim, that’s the only thing we could do and that’s what He to yearns for. Later too, a big amount of my stuck money was released on time again by Him. In between through His messages, reading Lord Shri Sai’s Shri Sai Satcharitra, Shri Lalitha, and Shri Vishnu Sahastranamam, He was guiding me, showing me the way and it all happened finally resulting in an abundance of health, wealth, and relationships with mind fixed on His path!

Bow to Shri Sai- Peace be to all. Bolo Shri Anant Koti Brahmand Nayaka Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Sai Baba Listened To Prayers 

Sai Baba Listened To Prayers 

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram! Please keep me anonymous. With Baba’s grace, I am going to narrate my recent experience. 

At my workplace, I was informed that one of the documents from the bunch of papers was missing that I had handed over to my higher authority long back. I would be answerable. They might not believe that I had submitted it and may put the blame on me that I had not submitted that particular paper. I searched all possible places but it was not with me and I was sure that I had given that paper already. I was worried about that, but at the same time, I felt that my period was also delayed. That too was a concern for me. I prayed to Baba that, if I got the paper and my periods then I would share the experiences here. And yes, our beloved Baba listened to my prayers. 

The next day, surprisingly, one of my senior colleagues came running to hand over that particular paper as by mistake it got mixed up with some other documents. I was so relieved and thanked Baba from the bottom of my heart. Then the next day I got my period as well. Now I am again relaxed from that tension. Thank You so much Baba for listening to both of my prayers. Om Sai Ram! 

Sai Baba Helped In Passing Exam

Sai Baba Helped In Passing Exam

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. Please keep my name anonymous. Thank you for giving us this great opportunity to share our sai baba’s experience with all. 

I shared my experience earlier once. Time and again I have experienced his presence and grace. This time as a family we really needed him to help us. 

My son gave his dental final year exams and when the results came out, he couldn’t clear one of his subjects. That meant he had to wait for another six months for this one exam and till then he couldn’t start his internship.  He needed 25 more marks to clear. We all were upset but then we decided to go for reevaluation. As he has scored well in his practical exams, we thought it to be good to get the paper checked again. My son wasn’t keen he gave up saying no way he can get 25 Marks now. He was very upset but we parents decided to go ahead. He finally completed all formalities for getting the paper re-checked. I prayed to Sai and asked Baba through chits if we were doing the right thing and the answer was yes. Well, I didn’t disclose this to anyone at home but was waiting for the results.  After 10 days we received a call from the college that he has cleared his exam and can join his internship soon. This is all by Sai Baba’s grace and blessings. Sai has helped me always. Sai gives us strength and courage to go thru every difficult situation in life. He is great. May He bless us all. Om Sai Ram. 

Thank You Sai Appa

Thank You Sai Appa

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I am a small devotee of Sai Appa and thank your team for this wonderful platform. 

For the past few days, Sai Appa has solved my problems many times. He was with me and my family. No words to describe my gratitude. Thank You is just a small word. Sorry for posting late. Please Appa, forgive me and my family for the mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly. Always be with us. Bless me, my family, and Your children. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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