Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3679

Sai Baba Is My Best Friend

Sai Baba Is My Best Friend
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Thanks, Hetalji for the wonderful website. I am extremely sorry Baba for the extreme delay in posting. I have forgotten all the promises about posting. I invoke Your aid to help me write all of them. I will just be Your instrument and You take the charge.

Baba helped us to arrange my mother’s birthday in a grand manner. He helped us with the last-minute booking of the hotel, pricing, menu, photographer, invites, invitations, gifting, cake, guests, celebrations, and whatnot. Thank You Baba especially for the hotel as it was the toughest part as all the good hotels were booked and when it seemed impossible You made it possible.

Sai helped me with lost items by helping to search for them when I promised to share them here. He helped me innumerable times and I don’t even remember all the things. Sorry, Baba for this behavior.

Sai helped my husband, children, and mother-in-law to recover when they were very sick and down with a very high fever. He helped us with the documentation part also for the claimed purpose. He also helped me with certain health issues. 

Sai also helped me resume certain things and complete my long pending tasks.

Sai helped me to remember certain things which I was not able to recall and when I prayed He miraculously helped me to remember them. He helped me find clothes, my son’s toys, and his tie while going to school and he had misplaced it, money, jewelry, and many other things. He also helped to find the lost keys, door opening, and key making.

Sai also helped me with the jewelry purchase and selling. He helped me with the best deal and pricing and discounting after praying. He also helped with the purchase of some more household articles with the best pricing and discounts. 

Sai also helped me with some household work and achieving my desired goals. He also helped me with cleaning and cooking and completing the work on time. He also helped my mom to get a good maid. 

Sai also helped us to visit Shirdi on very short notice and have His darshan and return back safely soon. He arranged every small thing very nicely be it regarding travel, darshan, friends’ meet, food, children’s health, and behavior, and maid arrangements too. He also helped me many times to read Satcharitra.

Sai helped me with my work regarding the supply and delivery and managing the stock too. He also helped me with the production of certain things. He also helped me get some pending payments from my client which I was not getting even after repeated follow-ups and assurances.

My phone broke down and there was no response. I prayed to Baba to get it repaired the same day and that I would post it here. When I went to the repair shop I could strongly feel Baba’s presence. The mechanic also said that parts were not available and it would take a minimum of two days even if they would be available but I felt that Sai was saying that He would help me get it the same day. There was one smartwatch kept on one of his shelves and I could miraculously see (and just not imagine) Baba’s face. The watch was not even ON and I think it was for repair but I could clearly see His headgear, eyes, and entire face. This made me believe that I would get my phone the same day. Then I requested him and that person tried a lot to get that part. In a few minutes, he got the confirmation for that part. That person had earlier told me that with that part the phone may or may not get repaired and it would cost me around Rs.3500 and if it did not work then it would cost me 11 to 12000. I prayed hard and Baba made the phone work with that part. I got a call from that mechanic that I could collect my phone in two hours. With Baba’s intervention I got my phone in just two hours instead of 2 to 4 days. Also, he charged me just  Rs. 2500. Also the look and feel, the touch improved drastically. First I felt that it was my illusion but later unexpectedly when my husband on his own said the same I realised that it was not my illusion but the phone too had experienced Baba’s magic.  Great is Baba and greater are His ways too. Although I had promised to post, I did not post.

Then one day my phone got switched off and it was not starting or responding to anything. Then I remembered my promise and promised to post immediately. As soon as I prayed and started chanting Sai.. Sai.. the phone responded and it vibrated and got ON. Still after my phone was OK I delayed to post and I did not post. Later after almost 40 days my phone broke again. I spent more than the last time as the display was completely damaged and it took one day. I had realised my mistake and vowed Baba to post here. Baba, please solve my phone problem and make it like before. The colours seem dull now also there are some light flash-like spots on it. Sorry for the delay in posting.

I wanted to purchase my favourite watch and I had been looking for it for 11 years. I asked Baba to help me with the discount. I was negotiating with three to four dealers and the maximum discount that they offered me was up to 22K. Then I don’t know what made me say Baba that I know its impossible to get an additional discount of 4k when they were not ready to give even Rs 100 extra off but if I got that then I would really be convinced about You. Ignorant was I to challenge or say to Baba that. I had also later said (as I felt that it would be impossible) that it would be fine even if I don’t get at that price but see to it that the total pricing should sum up to digit 9 and then I would consider it as Your gift. You too know since when I have been looking for that watch( 11.5 years). As soon as I said so Baba started working in His mysterious ways. He gave me some ideas and I implemented them. So later on the same day over the phone one of the managers of one of the stores with whom I was negotiating  agreed to reduce the pricing by additional 4k and asked us to come over to the store. I was super happy as Baba had intervened and that I was getting a total 26k discount and the sum was also 9 as I had desired. Then to my surprise when we paid him, he returned me 3600 Rs. I was surprised and  could not understand what was going on. My cousin bhabhi had suddenly accompanied us and she too was surprised and said that no one would do so. For a moment I was not happy as I felt that the sum would not sum to 9 and that it would not be Baba’s gift. Then when I again added the digits my joy knew no bounds as all the digits summed up to 9!  This is the power of Baba! He showed that when it was not possible to get even Rs. 100 extra discount and when He intervened He gave an extra discount worth Rs.7600. Thank You so much Baba.

Sai helped with my son’s exam and he scored really good marks. For one of the papers the teacher had made some total mistake and had forgotten to give marks for some questions. We were not able to find where the marks were missing. Finally with Baba’s help I was able to find it, convey it in a right manner to the teacher and as a result of that my son got 100/100. Thank You Baba. Baba also helped my son for competitive exams and got him a medal.

Sai helped us to arrange the trip during holidays after a long time. He helped us with packing and arranging the various things too.

Sai helped us with the reservations of the tickets when we had just 4 out of 11 seats. It was peak time and vacation and festival time. Till the last minute we felt we would get it. Finally we boarded the train only to realise that there were no cancellations. When I prayed to Baba to post here immediately, He helped us to finally get 8 seats out of 11. It was manageable as we were 6 adults and 5 children. Sai also helped us with packing and shopping. When I went out shopping I had asked Baba to accompany me. He really accompanied us as we got really good stuff at a good price and some additional unexpected discounts too. When it came for online shopping He helped us with every small thing like searching the exact required stuff with best pricing, timely delivery, cancellations, re-ordering, returns, refunds and discounts too. There we also got unexpected extra discounts.

I wanted to take admission for my daughter. When I enquired I learnt that the form submission date had also passed and the interaction dates were out. I was worried and prayed to Baba. I saw Baba’s picture  which I had never seen in the past so many years( as my son is also in the same school) and I was assured in a way by Baba that He would take care. The receptionist asked us to submit the form and to wait and watch. We got the interaction date and due to the sibling benefit my daughter got the admission although there were so many applications and moreover we were very late for the form submission.

Sai helped me with difficult family situations and made all things work smoothly. Sai also helped to arrange some religious activities and functions and celebrated happy occasions. 

Thank You Sai for everything. Please forgive me for posting all the experiences so late and not fulfilling my promises in time. Next time please make me write in time. May everything be smooth further. May all get peace and bliss. Jai Sairam! Om Sairam!

Trust His will, He is the best planner!

Sai Baba Solved The Problem At Work

Sai Baba Solved The Problem At Work
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 Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Singapore says: Sairam to all devotees. I am from Singapore. I would like to share about how Sai Baba solved a problem for me at work and gave me more than expected.

At my work, I am handling a heavy account and a few much smaller accounts with low workload. I was able to manage it all without much stress from others.

However, two weeks ago, my department head told me that I would be giving the 3 small accounts to my colleague and that I would take over her account which was a stressful account. The stress comes from 2 people within the company who are rude and gives a lot of stress to the people he works with. My colleague was under a lot of stress and this affected her health which was why the head decided to swap the accounts.

The moment he told me about the swap, I was stressed out. All the negative thoughts came out. I couldn’t enjoy 2 weekends which included 2 weddings of my friends. Every day I was praying to Baba to help me solve the problem. I read so many experiences (multiple times a day) on this site. There were many experiences about how Baba helped devotees solve their work related problems but still my mind was not calm.

I was so stressed that I thought about switching departments to escape this. I wrote 2 chits to Baba asking if I should switch. He said no. Then I thought about quitting and asked Baba if I should start finding a job. He again said no. I felt the doors were all closed and my fate was sealed and wondered how I was to survive in the stressful account. I even went against Baba’s advice and applied for jobs.

I decided to have a talk with my department head and asked him for a meeting. However, he was away for urgent leave for the whole of last week and so I couldn’t have a meeting with him. He eventually replied and agreed for a meeting at the earliest on Monday evening (which was yesterday). Every day until yesterday, I would pray to Baba to help me during the meeting and to help me say the right things so that my department head will understand my issue. I even practiced what to say and how to say for the meeting. I told Baba that if He helped me then I would light two diyas, write this experience on this site and offer garland to Baba at the temple.

As I mentioned I had applied for a new job, so yesterday itself, I had two calls with two different recruiters; both of whom asked me for an interview. After the two calls, I had a meeting with my department head.

Without me saying much, my department head told me that he would take me off the stressful account and instead give me a more manageable account. Oh the relief I felt! But that was discussed in the second half of the meeting. The first half, he told me that I had been promoted and I would be getting a pay raise which he pushed to be higher than what was initially proposed! I was surprised! Not only did I get what I wanted, I got a lot more and which was totally unexpected. I wasn’t expecting a promotion and a salary raise this year, maybe at most 1% or 2%. But the increment was much higher!

Oh the leelas of Baba are indescribable. No wonder Baba did not want me to quit. He could see the future which I couldn’t. It is true that Baba helps and gives more than expected. Om Sai Ram. 

Thank You Sai Baba For Nice Biryani 

Thank You Sai Baba For Nice Biryani 
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee Usha from India says: I am from India. I would like to share a small experience about my food preparation. 

One day my brother was coming home and so I was planning to make Biryani. Usually in my home my mother- in- law only prepares food for all because my father- in- law doesn’t like it if we make food. On that day my father- in- law was planning to go to a function and so I planned to prepare the food for everyone. I requested Sai to be with me while making the biryani. It came very well. Only little biryani was left. Father- in- law at night tasted it and told me that it was nice. From that day my father- in- law allowed me to make biryani. 

Today all of a sudden we planned to make biryani. I started preparing the biryani and it again came good. I kept the biryani pot down from the stove and put a water bowl as a weight on top of the pot. Suddenly while doing other things my hand touched the water bowl. All of a sudden water from the bowl got poured into the biryani. The Biryani bowl was filled with water. My heart started beating up super fast. I didn’t know what to do and so I prayed to Sai and kept the bowl on the stove. I prayed that the biryani should not get wasted as my father-in- law was very particular about food taste, look and colour etc. I was so scared. I promised Sai that if Biryani was good then I would post in the group.

It was good for everyone but my father-in-law didn’t like it as it was soft (sticky texture). I told him that water fell into the biryani pot. Then he started scolding me that while cooking what you think, not be careful and bla… bla… It was completely my mistake. So I just shut my mouth and moved on. Thank You Sai.

Please send us to another country as early as possible. Thank you everyone. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai
Om Sairam! 

Sai Baba Blessings 

Sai Baba Blessings 
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a small devotee of our Baba currently staying in the USA. Thank you team for this divine site which connects millions of devotees through their experiences with Baba and His miracles.

Om Sai Ram. My day starts and ends with Baba’s name and prayer. For every small and big thing I call Baba for help and He shows His presence in whatever I do and seek His blessings.

My parents were here with us in the USA for some time and they were travelling back to India. I was  a little tense as usual as my mom is diabetic. I prayed to Baba not to make their journey a tedious one and that there should not be any delays or any transit issues with them. With His blessings my parents reached home very safely. Thank You is a very small word to express our gratitude and love for Baba. Please bless all, Baba. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram!

Sai Baba Fulfilled Two Wishes

Sai Baba Fulfilled Two Wishes
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I have been a Sai devotee since my childhood.I would like to share a few of my experiences.

Firstly I would like to thank my sister-in-law (Pushpa) who introduced me to this parayana group. Due to the mistake of the midwife after my daughter’s birth, the chances of me getting conceived for the second time were a bit less. I want to have another baby and used to cry in front of Baba’s Photo many times.  meantime I was trying for a job as a teaching assistant. After a long time, two good things happened to me at the same time. I was pregnant and after two days I got a job as a teaching assistant. There were a few complications during my pregnancy. All i did was believed in Baba and asked Him to be there for me. Last year I was blessed with a healthy baby boy.

After my maternity leave, I am back at my work. A few days later I was told my contract was not going to get extended. I was very disappointed to hear that. yet i believe that Baba is going to show me a way out for me. I share my happiness, and sorrows with him. did share the news of losing my job with him. At the end of my contract which was last month, my manager said that they are going to take me back to work again.

Believe in Baba He will guide us through the dark.

Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba’s Grace 

Sai Baba's Grace 

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: I am a small devotee of Baba currently staying in the USA. 

Thank you team for this divine site. Om Sai Ram. Baba is everything to me. My day starts and ends with His name and prayer. Thank You is a small word to express our gratitude to Baba. He is taking care of every need of each devotee when praying with love and patience. Thank You Sai Baba for taking care of everything. Bless all. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram!

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