Sai Baba Miracle & Blessings – Experiences Part 3255

Sai Baba Miracle

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks a lot Hetalji and team for this wonderful platform to share experiences. I am a Sai devotee and I used to share Sai Baba miracles here. Today I want to share some miracles. 

I have been staying as a paying guest near my workplace for the last two years. Last week the house owner told me that she was going to quit the hostel facility, so I needed to find another hostel with a good ambience on a low budget. I went to see one hostel which was recommended by my friend. But when I reached there I felt a lack of cleanliness and I didn’t select it. I was worried and just asked one person near that house regarding these. He gave me one address. We saw the rooms and they were nice, but the rent was high. She was telling 6000. I tried to convince her but she wasn’t even ready to listen. So I prayed to Sai and tried to convince her through one friend’s help. Surprisingly he could reduce the rent by 400 rupees. Thank You so much Sai. It’s Your leela only, I am sure. Thanks a lot Sai.

 Next experience is regarding my sister. She is a strong devotee of Sai and she knows that He will save us from any situation. I am sharing this experience with her. She was experiencing a strong headache last week and she applied Udi on her forehead. With the power of Udi, the next morning her headache was gone. Sai from her only, me and my father got to know You this much. 

When my father was diagnosed with cancer, he became more close to Sai. He is taking Arathi by himself even in severe pain. Sai he has faith in You. He believes Your Udi can make miracles. He used to apply it when he got any pain. By Your grace, his growth in liver has reduced, but spreading is there in backbone. He didn’t know that. Doctor told me to start the radiation. He believes that You can make miracles. Don’t make him down Sai. He has been having severe pain for the last two days. Please reduce his pain, Sai. He is Your child na. Please Sai. Thanks a lot Sai for all the help You have done to us. You are always with us, I know. Thank You Sai.

Next experience is regarding my work. I had to purchase some cells for my work. Usually my madam handles them. I just watched it. Yesterday she told me that she could not come due to allergy and to do it by myself. I was afraid because I was doing it for the first time. Then I chanted His name continuously and I handled them with care. Next when I checked the cells were fine. Thanks a lot Sai for giving me the strength to do it by myself. Actually I forgot to share these two experiences yesterday as I promised. Sorry Sai. Sorry Sorry Sorry. Today electricity in my lab went out and I am worried about my cells which need 37 degrees for growth. That time I remembered about this promise. I am sure He only made it to remember. Sorry Sai. Sorry for posting here late. Please forgive me Sai, I am Your child na. 

Sai Baba Leela

Baba's Leela

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Namaste Hetalji, Team Members and Dear Devotees. I am sharing some more Babaji’s leela. 

My Father and brother were about to travel to another city located six hours away. I have this habit of applying a pinch of Udi all over the car before any trip. We also have a small statue of Babaji on our dashboard and also before travelling or going out we all apply and consume Udi. So on that day as well I applied Udi on the car and prayed for the safe travel of my family. When they reached the other city, my brother said that while driving the backside tyre of the car turned flat. Now this happened while he was driving on a busy highway that too at a speed of 80 km/hr and more. With Babaji’s grace they realized and immediately stopped the car and replaced the tyre with the spare one. Babaji and His Udi protected my family and made them reach safely to another city. Babaji, thank You for Your love and grace on us. Om Sairam. 

Also a few days later my father had to travel to a certain place with his colleague. I prayed Babaji for his safe travel and applied and consumed Udi on his behalf. The best part was that the travelling was scheduled on Thursday, so I was calm and relaxed because I knew my Babaji would protect, bless and take care. My father comfortably travelled to and fro and reached home at night. Babaji, thank You for Your loving grace and divine protection. Om Sairam. 

My mother too had to go out for some work. I applied and consumed Udi on her behalf and thus she was able to complete her work comfortably and reached home safely. Thank You Babaji for so many blessings. Om Sairam. 

Day before yesterday I was coming down the stairs and just two stairs before I slipped. The way I slipped was such that I was confident that I would sustain injury. But my loving Babaji protected me and believed me devotees; I landed on the last stair in such a way that I got only a bruise on my left hand. That’s it! Apart from that I had no injury to my body or any pain afterwards. My merciful Babaji protected me. Babaji I have no words to express my gratitude for You. Thank You Babaji. Om Sairam. May Babaji bless everyone with His divine love and protection. Om Sairam. 

Again Sai – The Covishield

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sai…Sai…to all the beautiful children of our beloved Baba. Special thanks to the entire Saiyug network for their commendable job. This narration is regarding how Baba saved me from Covid.

On Monday as I left for the office, after reaching office around 12 I started to have a runny nose which developed into a cold by the end of the day. We all, on today’s date, can imagine only one disease and that’s Covid. I reached home and wore a mask. I asked my wife and my son to sleep in my daughter’s room. I isolated myself and was waiting for the symptoms. Next day morning the fever was 100 degrees and in the afternoon it reached 102. Then I decided to visit the doctor and showed him. He said it seems viral and prescribed medicines accordingly. As usual he stated that if the fever does not come down in another 2 days then to get the RTPCR done.

My panic situation was at its peak and I got the test done. Needless to say Baba got the report negative by the end of the day. Everyone was relieved but still as I had a cold I told my wife to sleep in my daughter’s room.

Today that is 16/7/2021 I again joined the office but still I am feeling some uneasiness. I would request Baba to please cure the same.

Hey Deva! We as Your children are always dependent on You for every small thing in life. This virus has destroyed so many lives/family/loved ones. Please Deva this death is not ordained by You so would request You to please eradicate this virus from this planet. One more thing: I had been planning to buy a new laptop for a long time. I bought it today and the first thing I am writing about is Your leela. I pray and hope that You have blessed me with this laptop.

Sai…Sai…Samasta Lok Sukhi Bhavantu.

Sai Baba Miracle

Sai's Miracle

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thanks a lot Hetalji for this platform. I don’t know how to thank Sai. While writing this experience I am so happy and thankful. I am doing research work and I had to maintain cells. When I came to check the condition I found that the incubator was off. Actually cells need 37 degrees for growing. Si it is connected to an UPS connection. I was shocked and I called my boss. But she talked with me in anger in a feeling that I was responsible for it. I felt sad and I continuously started praying. 

That time only I remembered that I had promised to share one experience yesterday. I immediately shared it here and I prayed to Sai for forgiving me. I don’t know how to thank Sai. Suddenly, one man from the company came to check the power. He checked the UPS and told me that the battery was weak, so if there is no electricity then it won’t work. That time I didn’t know what to do. When I said this to my boss I was sure that she would get tense and angry. I know Sai will not make His child sad. I think Sai Himself came into his role. He helped me to change the connection and made the instrument ON temporarily. When I told this to my boss he told me what we would do when the electricity is not there. I was again struck. Suddenly that guy came and told me that the person in-charge of that room told him to change the battery. Now they are changing it and I am typing this experience. I felt I should share it now itself. When I checked the cells they were perfectly fine. Thanks a lot Sai. Thank You so much.

Help From Sai During School Reopening

Help From Sai During School Reopening

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Namaste everyone. I am a small Baba’s devotee. I wish to share a few experiences.  Please keep my name and email anonymous.

I would like to thank hetalji for maintaining this platform. 

I study in grade 10. There was a meeting just before exams regarding seating arrangement and unfortunately I was not able to attend it. Just a day before I was blank. I asked my friend regarding it and she suggested that I send a letter to school and ask. The next day was my exam. I prayed to Sai and was furious at me. I told Sai that if I get my answer in my mail then I will post my experience. Posting as per my promise. Om Sairam! 

Sai Baba Is Taking Care

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I have been a Sai devotee for the past 5 years and experiencing His leelas very often.

For the past few days my son who is 7 years old, kept saying that his vision is blurry and at times double vision. I prayed to Baba that he should be alright and gave him Udi water and his symptoms have reduced and as promised to Baba I am posting it here. Baba is taking care of my child’s health and eye problem.

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  1. OM SAI RAM….. Baba please protect my husband and children. Please give them good health, happiness and prosperity always. Let them develop their faith and devotion in you Baba. Baba, we need your help to get the right people to support the company and to run it effectively. Baba this cannot happen without your grace, please baba help us get the right people on the job. Baba for my responsibilities also someone reliable is extremely important. Please show us the light and lead us in the journey of life. baba i leave the entire admission process as per your wish and will. Also please protect my elder one, I surrender to you wholly. Baba you are everything…. please protect my little family baba. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

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