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Sai Baba Saved Devotee’s Respect, Reputation And Life

Sai Baba Saved Devotee’s Respect, Reputation And Life

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am Baba’s daughter. I feel really blessed to be accepted by Him. Thanks to all the team for their hard work. I would like to share my next death experience with you all. I asked Baba, “Deva, what is this play of Yours? You create a storm and then make everything absolutely fine.” I also realized, Baba does everything for a reason. Everything which happens to us is to save us as Baba loves us. 

Here is my experience: I am a doctor, who has recently moved to India, after living abroad for 20 years. Everything here is new for me, the whole medical system. After two months of coming to India, one of my husband’s very close relatives asked for me to be present for their daughter’s first delivery. I was nervous, but with Baba’s grace, everything went well. This made me suddenly feel very proud of myself. I was full of ego, thinking that I am so qualified, experienced abroad and know everything. 

After that delivery, that relative asked me to vaccinate their newborn baby. Now, outside India, many vaccinations come in a single dose, and a whole syringe or bottle can be given. So thought that I didn’t check the dose on the bottle. 

See Sai Baba’s Leela – How he tried to warn me but I was full of ego and ignored it but still my Baba saved me. The bottle in my hand seemed empty and didn’t have any medications. I asked another doctor next to me, who also confirmed that the bottle was empty. It usually has some powder in it, but there was none. But then I thought maybe if I ask any other doctor, they would think I am talking nonsense. So I added saline (another small bottle that comes in a pack) which was 2ml in this bottle. I should have taken an empty bottle as a sign of Baba, asking me to stop giving or check the dose before giving. But in my over-confidence, avoiding looking stupid if I ask questions, I withdrew all 2mls and gave them to that baby. 

I came home and brought with me the leaflet which comes along with the vaccination and read it. When I read the leaflet, that single bottle contained 20 doses and I fainted. I became unwell with vomiting, heart beating faster and sweating as if I had a heart attack. 

I am a quite sincere doctor and all my patients love me. I always think of Baba in every patient and do my best for my patients. Never have I done any mistake like this before. Now I was worried about what could happen to the baby. The vaccination definitely wouldn’t cause any harm to the life of the baby, but it could give any big lump, ulcer deep in the muscle or infection in the bone that might need surgery. The effect could be seen till 12-1 week of life. 

Also, I was worried that any negative effects, even small, because of this medication would cause harm to my respect for the whole family. This might cause friction in relationships in the family. I started thinking about the worst outcome and couldn’t sleep, eat or laugh for weeks.

During this time, Baba sent me messages, His love and courage through many forms. I couldn’t even discuss this with any family member. I just felt stupid and depressed about myself. I just couldn’t imagine how I could make such the stupidest mistake and ignore Baba’s sign of an empty bottle.

Due to this episode, I was unable to sit at home as my thoughts haunted me. Baba sent me to an Indian medical camp during peak Covid to do Seva, which made me get used to the Indian system. Baba made one of His devotees from Shirdi send me Baba’s picture daily from Shirdi. I started having panic attacks whenever there was a message on WhatsApp thinking that it was from my relative to shout at me. 

I was totally broken, but Baba held me closer to Him. Without Baba, I would have died. Baba made arrangements for me to visit Dattatreya’s birthplace in COVID without any plans. Baba sent me Udi from Shirdi. I applied Udi on my body for that baby.

After six weeks, the baby did get a slightly bigger lump where I gave injections, but the baby’s mother showed it to another local doctor, who said that it was very common to have that lump and nothing needed to be done. The baby is now nearing five months and is in good health.

By Baba’s grace, Baba is making me write about this experience today. For the last five months, I was waiting desperately for this day so as to write Sai Baba blessings on me on this website. To share with you all, how Baba saved my life, baby’s life and made me learn from my mistakes. Since that episode, I have read so much about Indian medicines, doses, brand names, etc. Without this mistake, I would have been full of ego, and so Baba saved me from harming someone’s life. 

Baba, bless everyone. We know once You are there, no calamity can befall us. You are holding our hand to cross this Bhavsagar. Just let us be dust under Your feet and get rid of our anger and ego. Baba, Baba, Baba, I am blessed to say Your name. Bless all. Om Sai Ram. 

Sai Baba’s New Stories From His Time In Shirdi

Sai Baba’s New Stories From His Time In Shirdi

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the US says: Om Sai Ram! Whenever I read Sri Sai Satcharitra, I always wonder how many incidents and events of Sai Baba’s life have gone unrecorded in the 60 years that He lived in Shirdi. After all, Hemadpant started tracking the stories only around 1910, just eight years before Sai Baba took Samadhi. Interestingly, I came across a couple of stories involving Sai Baba that were not recorded anywhere. While these stories aren’t exactly about miracles, I thought it would be wonderful to share this with the Sai devotees who are eager to get a glimpse and learn more about Sai Babaji’s days in Shirdi.

On a couple of occasions, I had heard my mother-in-law mention that many, many years ago, someone in her family used to be closely associated with Sai Baba while Sai Baba physically lived in Shirdi. She never went into more details and for some inexplicable reason, I never pressed for more information. Recently, after having finished another reading of Sai Satcharitra, I decided to ask her. Some of the details may not have passed between generations and some details may have slipped out of her memory over the years but I am documenting whatever she could recollect.

My mother-in-law’s grandmother’s father’s name was Hare Ram Baba. He and his wife had one daughter. The daughter got married and later his wife passed away. With no one left at home, in his loneliness, Hare Ram Baba sought solace in alcohol. Someone advised him to go to Shirdi and meet Sai Baba to help overcome his alcoholism. When he went to Shirdi and met Sai Baba, Sai Baba told Hare Ram Baba to stay in Shirdi and not to go back to his village. Following this direction from Sai Baba, Hare Ram Baba stayed in Shirdi near Sai Baba for the remainder of his life.

Hare Ram Baba’s daughter had five children, all girls. Her husband was very disappointed at not having a son. When the fourth and fifth daughters were born, in frustration he named them very inappropriately. One of them was named Phattu – not the nickname, the actual first name was Phattu. Mother-in-law could not recollect the other daughter’s equally terrible name. Later when Hare Ram Baba’s daughter took all five daughters to Shirdi to visit Hare Ram Baba, they also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sai Baba in person! During introductions, when Sai Baba heard the names of the last two daughters, He was absolutely furious. He yelled at the parents saying “Is this the way you name your daughters?” and then Sai Baba said, “From now on, her name (pointing to one girl) is Malini and her name (pointing to the other girl) is Ambika.” And thus He changed the two girls’ names forever! Had I known this story earlier, I would have named my own daughter Ambika or Malini as it appears to be dear to Sai Baba.

Sai Satcharitra has many stories of Sai Baba advising devotees on when to depart from Shirdi. Here is another one. When Hare Ram Baba’s daughter and five girls went to meet Sai Baba before leaving Shirdi, He asked them to stay for another day. So they stayed back and the next day, when they went to meet Sai Baba again, He again asked them to stay back for another day. Finally, the next day when they went to meet Sai Baba, He allowed them to leave Shirdi. It is not clear why Sai Baba has done this, perhaps He prevented them from being involved in an accident or facing some other problem, or perhaps He knew that they would benefit spiritually and materially from staying in Shirdi longer.

Sai Satcharitra has several stories of Sai Baba asking for Dakshina. Here is another instance. Once, Hare Ram Baba took a guest along with him to meet Sai Baba and Sai Baba asked him for Dakshina. The guest responded that he did not have any money at all to give him. The moment the guest said that a coin fell out of his pocket onto the floor. Sai Baba looked at him and said, ‘Really? And you said you did not have any money on you?’

|| Sri Sachidananda Samardha Sadguru Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai ||

Sai Baba Helps To Pass Every Test Of Life

Sai Baba Helps To Pass Every Test Of Life

Shirdi Sai Devotee Chaitali from India says: Om Sai Ram to all Sai family members. I am Chaitali, from Nagpur; yet another of Baba’s children. 

How do I start describing His greatness Who is, in reality, our Everything; our solace. Our Sai Baba Whose merciful glance helps us in all circumstances to come out safely. I have been a part of Mahaparayan since the initial years and Baba is my everything since then with the way how He is always standing with me as my strength in all walks of life. Here I am sharing one of my experiences out of endless ones that He blessed me with, though also testing me hard before blessing so as to make the fruits of tests sweeter and make our faith in Him stronger than ever.

I was to appear for my medical post-graduation examination this year in 2021 and I was preparing for the same after my MBBS internship. My exam was to be held in April 2021, but just before my exams, I had to face some tough circumstances like I lost my maternal grandfather. I was really attached to him. I was really so disturbed by the incident that I lost my focus from studies and the exam was nearing. I was scared but the difficulties didn’t stop here. The whole of my maternal family fell ill and was found to be Covid positive and a few members faced critical states of health and had to be admitted. By Baba’s grace, we came out of this situation after a month of illness and drastic situations. But amongst these, I had lost all my time for exam preparation and had given up the hopes too. 

Baba says that His ways are far superior and unfathomable and beyond the human mind to understand. I was doing Saptah parayan to pray for some guidance from Baba. During this time I started following some Instagram accounts of Baba’s devotees who posted daily Baba quotes and sayings. They gave me strength and just two days before exam day Baba guided me via those posts to read His ashtottara namawali i.e. 108 Sai Baba names. I was scared about what I would do. I prayed to Baba for some leela-like exam postponement for some time and that I would also share my experience here if it turns out to be true. Thus, all broken and full of tears I completed my parayan and name reading and asked Baba that You are my all, merciful Deva. Only You’ll help me cross this test as well. And something unbelievable happened. In the evening the news came out from our health minister that the exam was postponed by a couple of months in view of surging Covid cases in the country. I literally cried with tears of joy and my happiness knew no bounds. I couldn’t be more thankful to our Beloved Baba. He tested me for my faith and blessed me with a miracle so incredible that I could prepare well for my exam. Amidst the exam preparation He kept reminding me in some of the other ways that I should share my experience which I vowed of to Him and here it is. Anant Shukrana Baba.

So all I would conclude here is that the unshakable faith in Baba’s feet and the patience in His doings is what helps us go through any situation smoothly. He may test us in a very tough manner, but He won’t ever leave us in between. Rather as He says, just hold on to the virtues of Shraddha and Saburi on Me and I shall take You safely through all the walks of life. Dear Baba, the way You helped in this and many such other tests of life, keeps holding me close to You Baba, for You are my All. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Baba, and immense gratitude to the Mahaparayan team members for making me a part of It thereby making it a significant part of my life. Om Sai Ram. 

How Sai Baba Pulled Devotee In His Durbar

How Sai Baba Pulled Devotee In His Durbar

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am an Ophthalmologist working with the Government in the picturesque hilly Northern state of Himachal.

Om Sai Ram. I begin my experience in His name and ask for His guidance. It all began in my early childhood way back in 85-86 when my grandparents had visited Basil as my uncle was posted at HAL Nasik. It was mesmerizing to hear from them about “Akhand Dhuni” which has been burning since His lifetime. I badly wanted to see that place. But I was in Kashmir thousands of miles away. How was that possible?

 As I grew up He was there like other Gods. Times changed. Disturbing circumstances forced us to leave for Jammu and in two years I left for college. At that time something interesting happened. My mother gave me Baba’s picture and told me that He would take care of me. I believed that. I used to pray, fight, argue and even ask for favors from Him. I met a friend who had been to Shirdi and now I badly wanted to visit the place. 

Years passed, I graduated, got married and had a son. Like all mothers, I was very reluctant to leave him alone after I joined back. By this time something strange was happening in my life. I was seeing Him everywhere; on the streets, behind cars, smiling from inside the shops. On top of that, I was relatively free at that time. I saw Him on television too in a serial. My 20 minutes walk to the hospital was flooded with His photos. At that time I decided to bring Him home. 

I did it and prayed to Him earnestly. I had seen people reading some books in the Sai serial but was not aware of it. Numerous times my faith in Him got strengthened. Time passed and we shifted to another place. Here while talking about Baba I was given “Satcharitra” the book that I badly wanted. I also finally got to visit Shirdi, the holy land. So many times He has been blessed and the journey continues. Baba, please hold my hand and be by my side always. Om Sai Ram. 

Sai Baba Took Devotee Out From A Bad Phase Of Life

Sai Baba Took Devotee Out From A Bad Phase Of Life

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello Everyone. I have been a small devotee of Sai Baba for eight years. Thanks for reading about my experience. Thanks to Hetalji and all the team members for creating such a wonderful platform where we can all share our experiences. This is like a modern Satcharitra

Before sharing my experience I bow my head to Sri Sainath. Om Sainathay Namah. It was Baba’s Kripa that I had completed my MBA and got placed in a good company. The work was going really well for 2017 and mid-2018 but issues started in the latter half of 2018; there was some organizational change in my company. There started a very bad phase of my career. My new manager was very rude. He always tried to push me for overwork and there was nil guidance from him whenever I used to approach him for any work.

I worked really hard in the initial days but then he started blaming me in every situation for whatever used to happen in my team. I really fought for my rights and everyday going to the office was a burden for me. It was hampering my personal life too. It was really a stressful phase. I started applying for jobs and wanted to change very aggressively but in those days I used to pray Sai Baba daily to please help me to tolerate this situation and to get a good job.

I had all faith in Baba and patiently I was waiting for the day. Fortunately, I got a good job in a reputed MNC that too in peak Covid times. I am doing well in my new job. I thank Baba so much for fulfilling my wish. I don’t have enough words to thank Baba. I love You, Baba. Om Sainathay Namah. Baba, I really want to settle in my life and marry the man I love. Please help to make my dream come to true Deva. I know You will support me every time. Deva please end this bad time of corona and save everyone from the corona. Satguru Sri Sainathay Namah. 

Sai Baba Jaan And All Gods Helped Devotee Again

Sai Baba Jaan And All Gods Helped Devotee Again

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Europe says: Ganpati Bappa Morya and Sairam to all the devotees. Dear devotees. Here I am again with another experience in which our Babajaan helped me. 

My friend was upset and stressed about the problems in his life and suddenly stopped talking to me. I was so worried because he didn’t give me news of whether he was ok or not. So I prayed to Babajaan that when he would send me a message then I would post it on this site. Right now he’s going through a difficult time and I want to help but he won’t let me. Babajaan helped me to help this friend of mine. Today is 09/09/2021 and tomorrow comes Ganpati Bappa to help us remove the obstacles. Ganpati Bappa Morya and Sairam dear team and devotees. 

An interesting book "ShirdiChe Sai Baba" is being shared on Shirdi Sai Baba, in parts. It is a book worth reading by those who are keen in knowing veiled history of Sai Baba during His times. 

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