Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3385

Blessings Of Sai Baba

Blessings Of Sai Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am working as a teacher in Dehradun. 

Om Sairam. I am really very thankful to Baba for being with me throughout after I lost my husband. My Baba is the greatest support for me. There are many experiences where I felt that my Baba helped me out of which I would like to share my experience. 

I work as a teacher in a residential school in Dehradun. I stay on the school campus only with my daughter as I lost my husband six years ago. I used to visit my in-laws every Diwali and so this year I also went there (Meerut, UP). My parents also live nearby Meerut. Unfortunately, my mother suffered from dengue fever, so she came to see the doctor in Meerut city, very close to my in-laws’ house. I asked her to meet us also for a few minutes promising that we will maintain proper distance and so, we did. The same evening, my daughter also suffered from a fever. My father-in-law is very aggressive and so he started taunting me for the same. I was so scared of all this and started praying to Baba to help me that my daughter should not be infected due to my mother. I truly prayed to Baba that she should not have a fever the next morning. Baba answered my prayers. Though she was little dull temperature was normal. My in-laws told me to wait for two days and said that there were complete chances of her being infected and that we all too would get her tested for the same. I was religiously praying to Baba day and night. We went to the doctor after three days as she had 99 degrees temperature at times. The doctor said that she was fine. But my father-in-law asked the doctor to get her blood test done. On the day of the festival of Diwali, her report came negative but no one told me about that. I was continuously praying Baba for the same and had faith in Him that everything will be normal. At night, I asked for her reports and then came to know that they were negative.

Thank You Baba. 

Sai Baba Is In Every Atom Of Life

Sai Baba Is In Every Atom Of Life
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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am Sai Baba’s devotee by His grace.

This one is an incredible miracle.

One morning I woke up around 5. I had the live darshan of Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir. Thank You Baba for Your darshan. As it was a Sunday and I was lazy so I slept again. Before some days Baba blessed me through a message that He will take away the pain through a dream. So when I slept and again I had a dream, I saw me, my husband and my little son attending a conference in a big mall. There I found some of my relatives. I went alone to some other shop for a few moments and again joined my relatives and family. My chota Mamu who is no more in this world now offered me a plate of meal. I was just about to eat when I asked my husband where our son was. I called his name but couldn’t find him in the hall. I and my husband ran everywhere shouting his name. I was running very fast, it was getting dark and the mall was about to get closed. I was so scared thinking about my lonely child. I got an asthma attack too and was unable to breathe. I wanted to call my husband but I saw in my hand that I didn’t have the phone either. I had almost lost all my energy. Suddenly with Baba’s grace, I remembered this site in my dream and chanted Om Sai Ram three times and vowed, “Baba, if You find my son, Oh Father I’ll share my experience in Saiyug with Your children.” The very moment I opened my eyes; the dream ended. I was so happy seeing my little son sleeping beside me. 

Thank You, Father Sai, Your leelas are unfathomable. Thank You for taking away the pain and sufferings through this dream. Sometimes we take for granted the blessings given by our father and ask for more and more. But our Sai Father takes good care of His children, with timely tests and lessons. Even if He gives us timely lessons but still He holds us tightly and protects us. Om Sai Ram!

Thanks To Sai Baba

Thanks To Sai Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from the USA says: Jai Sai Baba! I am a very small devotee from the USA. Baba, please be with us all the time. 

Experience 1: For so many days I was praying Baba that let my Diwali be very peaceful and happy, if that happens then I would share my experience. The reason is that whenever I am happy or something important is there then I feel that it’s always some worry in my mind. Diwali was good so I already shared my experience but from last Saturday I was worried and told Baba that please let me know my family in India is doing good. Eight days I was really worried and begged Baba to let me know that everything was ok. Today around an hour ago I was able to figure out that they might be doing ok. 

Baba, thank You so much. Baba, but You know what and how for any girl who is so far away from her family and worried about her father, brother and family is a really big pain. I beg You Baba that I don’t want anything else but just keep them ok and don’t make me worry so much. Let me get mental happiness, Baba. I know that is because of my karma. I might have something bad that I am paying off. Baba, please be with me. Jai Sai Ram. 

Experience 2: We came back to Dehradun. As I had promised Baba to cook tasty food for Baba who used to sit outside our school campus every Thursday, I did the same and went to give the food to that Baba. But I came to know that because of the cold weather Baba hadn’t come today. I got disappointed but thought of waiting for some time knowing that Baba will not come today. After two minutes, another Baba whom I had never seen in this area, came.

I asked him, “Do you know about the Baba who sits here every Thursday?” 

He said, “I am going to meet that Baba only.” 

I said, “I have some food for him.” 

He said, “I will take this food to him.”

I believe that He was my Sai Baba only. He listened to my prayers and then came to accept the food which I cooked for Him. Thank You Baba once again. 

Sai Baba’s Ashirvad

Sai Baba’s Ashirvad

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! Om Sairam to all my Sai devotees. 

Experience 1: Om Sairam. Six months back I was in a very bad situation which I could overcome with Sai Baba’s help and ashirvad (blessings). At that time in the middle, I got chest pain while making some movements. I went to the doctor. I prayed to Baba to please reduce the pain. With Baba’s ashirvad (blessings) now the pain has reduced. Thanks to Baba and sorry for the late post. Sai Baba,

 be with us all the time. Om Sairam. 

Experience 2: In our home, everyone believes in Sai Baba. My mother also loves Sai Baba very much. One month back she got a cold and cough. Before only she had suffered every time with asthma problems and so we were afraid. With Sai Baba’s blessing, the cold and cough was cured. All the time I am thankful to Sai Baba. Baba also helped in meeting the doctor at the right time. Baba, please always shower Your blessings on us. Sai Baba is with us all the time. Sorry if there are any mistakes. Om Sai Ram!

Anantkoti Brahmandnayaka Raja Dhiraj Yogiraj Parabram Shri Sachitdanand Sadgura Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai! 

Sai Baba Never Fails To Answer

Sai Baba Never Fails To Answer

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from Malaysia says: Om Sairam! Thanks to everyone who is maintaining this wonderful platform.

Last week was good and this is all due to Baba’s blessings. Managed to complete all pending tasks on time and this too is due to my prayers to Baba.

Baba, please help me to complete my project and also for my promotion and appraisals.

My prayers to You as always – people have to follow Your path to go in the right direction. Jai Om Sairam.

Sai Baba Helped In Relocation

Sai Baba Helped In Relocation

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Thanking the team behind this blog for their efforts. Thanks, Sai for helping me relocate back to Pune even during the Chennai floods. This would not have been possible without Your help. Please make my life easier from here on and reduce my job-related problems. 

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  1. Baba please bless help and save my parents saima please hold my father sai ma cure him baba cure his blood glucose levels baba protect him baba we are at the verge please help baba sairakshak saisaranam ayyappa

  2. OM SAI RAM…. Baba please protect and safeguard my husband and childreb. Baba please shower them with lots of blessings and grant them verry good health, lots of peace, inner joy, mental calm, stress free life with happiness and eternal bliss of prosperity. Baba today my husband is travelling, please take care of him throughout the journey and be with him ecery second baba. Please fulfil his work and help him manage his work baba. Take care of his health baba. I surrender to you Baba. My elder is travelling and he is putting a lot of weight. Help him complete his education and also take care of his health baba. My younger needs wisdom and knoweldge and a good college and yes please help him too baba to take care of his health. Baba without you I feel incomplete, please be within me and see you in every being. Baba protect my little family in every way. We have had a few challenges at work oflate, I leave it to you to resolve baba. Help me complete my projects smoothly baba and enable me exceed the expectations of my family in every way. Baba be with me and my family. Om Sai rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

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