Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3455

Sai Baba Helped To Take Care Of Toddler

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Dear Sai Baba Devotees, I am a small devotee of Baba since 2017. I am from USA. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone behind this platform for creating and maintaining the same as it would relieve all devotees who read others’ experiences here. I have already shared a few experiences and I am happy that one of them got published (Thank You Baba). I would like to share another experience.

This happened in April 2021, when my husband had to leave for India as my mother-in-law was in ICU due to Covid (he was there for a month but did not know when he would return while leaving from US). As you all know, the situation in India was horrible at that time, we were not able to travel to India with our toddler son. Hence, my husband decided to travel alone to see his mother. I am a working woman and it would be very difficult to take care of the little one and also work. He was two years old and was also naughty. He would play by himself sometimes but would come to us as well if he was bored.

My husband would feed him all three times by singing songs and making him laugh. I used to feed him during weekends but he wanted a mobile so he could watch songs on YouTube and eat. Hence, my husband took responsibility most of the time and for most of the things. I would mostly play with him. Also, I was not able to make him sleep during the night times as he would take a three hours nap in the afternoon. Also, I don’t drive and my husband used to do all the grocery shopping once a week. In such a situation, one can imagine my position when my husband had to travel due to an emergency.

We were worried about my mother-in-law’s condition as the doctor did not give any guarantee to her life as she was in ICU due to the very low oxygen level. My husband was also worried as to how I could manage and he said that he would return once she moved to the ward from ICU if it takes a while to get discharged. I told him that I could manage and not to worry.

My husband left for the airport on 11th April 2021 around 6:30 am in the morning. The flight was at 8:15 am. I gave him a send-off and again slept. My son was also sleeping. I woke up around 8:30 and woke him. This was our usual time. He got up and I did all the chores and the day went fine. I gave him a mobile while having breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I would play with him when possible. He was also playing by himself with musical toys as he liked those.

I was also managing work and as I had moved to a new team, I was in a training period and hence did not have much work during that period. I would give my son a mobile whenever I had meetings (would reduce the volume completely but still he would just enjoy seeing it). One of my colleagues used to get me the groceries I required once a week and I would go take my son sometimes.

My husband went to the hospital the day he landed in India and my mother-in-law was in the ICU. Also, no one was allowed inside due to Covid. He used to go to the hospital and talk to the doctor. After a couple of days, the Covid test was done and the result was negative. Hence, she was moved to the non-Covid ward but she was on a ventilator (her oxygen level was low). We were praying that she would recover soon and come back home. All the tests were done and the doctor said that she had pneumonia and it was difficult to recover. Sometimes, she was improving compared to the previous day but again there was no improvement at all.

Suddenly, on 29th April 2021, my husband called me and informed me that she passed away and they were going to the hospital. The doctor said that her oxygen level suddenly fell (even with a ventilator) and then it became stable and she had a heart attack and passed away. We were very depressed but it was all Baba’s will and He knows what is good for His devotees. We should do our best possible.

The one good thing is that my husband was able to spend some time with her as she was conscious but was not able to talk and was doing actions. I also spoke to her on a video call a few days back. We all motivated her by telling them that she would recover and come home soon. She was also very brave. Everything was painful and due to the Covid situation, no pooja was done near the home.

The next day, we got to know another bad news where only US citizens were allowed to travel from India to the US but not others from 4th May 2021 and this may continue up to one or one and a half months. I asked my husband if he could travel back in another three days but obviously, no one would be ready for this as all the rituals needed to be done which generally lasts 12 days. So, I decided to go to my sister’s house in California along with my son as my mom is also there and it would be good for me to work while my mom would take care of him. I also booked the tickets for both of us to travel on 18th May 2021.

However, the next day we got some good news where Indians were allowed in case they had US citizens as their dependents. Hence, my husband was able to return as our son was a US citizen. Then, we looked into the rituals, lockdown in India, how to travel to the airport, and other things, and finally, I booked the return ticket for 17th May 2021 for my husband. He reached home on 18th May 2021 around 1:00 pm. He was in quarantine for four days and went for a Covid test on Sunday the result was negative and we were happy.

I canceled the flight to go to California (I was also worried about traveling with my son as it was around six hours of travel and the situation was not good in the US as well) and we also got our second dose of vaccination. I would like to thank Baba for all His blessings and for saving us from a tough situation with His miracles and leelas. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram. 

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Sai Baba’s Blessings For Brother’s Job

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Sairam to Hetalji and the whole team. I am from India. Sairam. 

Sairam to all the devotees. May Baba bless Hetalji and the entire team with good health and happiness for their selfless service. This blog has helped me to increase my faith in Baba. Baba dragged our family under His lotus feet when I was young. Baba has helped us in our tough times. There are problems that we are facing due to our past karmas but Baba is helping us to come out of them. Today I am here to share Baba’s love which has been shown in our family.

First experience: My mom and dad faced the toughest situations because my brother had no job for many years. I used to ask Baba to give my brother a very good job, hold my brother’s hand, and bless my brother in all aspects but because of our past karmas, we had faced tough situations. My mom and dad suffered a lot as my brother had no job and my mom’s health was also not fine because of those situations. I used to tell my mom, “Please don’t lose hope. Baba will definitely help us in all the ways.”

In the year 2021, in the month of April with Baba’s blessings, I had done Saptah parayan with complete faith in Baba. During parayan, my husband tested Covid positive. On Tuesday, I also tested positive. At that time, my brother came to our home to take care of my two kids as we couldn’t send them to my parent’s house as they are old. During parayan though my husband and I tested positive Baba gave me the strength to complete my parayan without any break. I left everything to Baba to take care of. After that my brother also tested positive. This was the time when Baba had helped us a lot to handle the situations and Baba helped us to come out of it. During that time my brother stayed with us for more than a month. At that time my brother used to prepare for his interview. Baba had heard our prayers. With Baba’s blessings, my brother got a good job in good company in the month of July. This is all because of You only Baba. Without You we can’t imagine our lives. Though he got a job he was very scared as he doesn’t have experience. Baba, please bless my brother to work hard and Baba please make him never give up.

Second experience: Though my brother got a job we are facing problems with salary. He received a salary for two months. After that, for three months my brother had not received a proper salary. I have asked Baba to please give me a salary so that I will post my experience on this blog on the same day. (Don’t know whether it is correct or not but we are in a very tough situation). Baba helped us and my brother received his salary. Thank You very much Baba for hearing our prayers and being with us in all situations. Dear devotees, could you all please pray for my brother to never give up on his job and also pray for his bright future.

Third experience: One day, while I was cleaning our shrine at home I noticed that one of the small roops ( photo) of Satyanarayana Swamy was missing. I searched a lot for Swami’s photo. It was sentiment for me for losing God’s roop. After searching a lot, I requested Baba to help me to find Swami’s roop. I thought of writing about this on the blog once if I could find Swami’s roop. After some time my husband found Swami’s roop in a bowl in the kitchen. I thanked Baba a lot for giving back Swami’s photo. Thank You so much, Baba. Baba, please eradicate coronavirus. Thank you to all the devotees for reading the above experiences. Baba, please bless every one of us to be on Your lotus feet forever Baba. Hetalji thank You so much for this wonderful platform. Please feel free to do any corrections if necessary. Forgive me if there are any mistakes. Thank You once again to Hetalji and the entire team. Om Sai Rakshaka Sharanam Deva. Sairam. 

Shraddha And Saburi

Shraddha And Saburi

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetalji, thank you for this wonderful blog. 

I have been following this blog since 2013. 

Below are my experiences

Nov 2021: My 6-year-old son came back home from school and said that he was having tummy pain. I did not believe him. I assumed that he was finding a reason for not eating. I feed him apples and milk. After the snacks, he went and slept off on the couch. Within 20 minutes, he got up and threw up on the couch. Then I gave him some water and immediately he threw up three times. I got really scared and prayed to Baba to take his sickness away. The next day, I came to know there was a stomach bug going on in school. My son was feeling better by Baba’s grace. I mixed Udi in water and gave it to my son. He started to feel better after two days. Thank You Sai Appa. Please forgive my sins and mistakes. I owe You my life.

Dec 2021: On Dec 20, 2021, my sister-in-law came to visit us from Texas. Within two days they were all sick and tested Covid positive. My sister-in-law’s family was all vaccinated, but still, they had all symptoms. They quarantined themselves in the guest rooms. Within two days I got a sore throat, fever, and cold. I tested positive too. I had my vaccination and booster. I was so worried as I have two young kids and my husband was the only one taking care of everyone in the house. I prayed to Baba to cure us and get back to normal life. 

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Within two days my symptoms started to subside. Thank You Appa, only You can save and protect me. Sorry for the late post.

Jan 2021: On Jan 12, 2022, my 22-month-old daughter came home with a round patch rash on her diaper area. I applied diaper cream and within two days the rash spread to her thighs. She developed lymph nodes in the groin area due to infection. I took her to a pediatrician and dermatologist. They said that it was diaper contact dermatitis. They prescribed steroid cream. I am applying it and lotion every two hours. The rash has reduced but still, there are some.

Appa, I beg You to please clear all the rashes and nodes. Please Appa. Please stop her cold and cough as well. Please forgive my mistakes and sins. Please Appa, I will keep up my promises.

Please keep everyone safe and healthy. Appa I am going to India. My travel and visa should go smoothly. I will post my experience once I am back. Really sorry Appa for the delayed post. Please accept my fasting. Please give me happiness.

Om Sri Sairam
Allah Malik.

Sai Baba Is Our Saviour

Sai Baba Is Our Saviour

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from US says: Om Sairam, I am a very small devotee of Baba. He humbly pulled me towards Him and Baba has been showering His blessings and holding us on throughout our life. Baba also pulled my husband towards Him, now he has become a sincere devotee of Baba. Thanks a lot, Baba for everything.

 Kudos, to the people maintaining this blog. You all are blessed ones and may Baba continue showering His blessings on you all. 

I am part of the Global Mahaparayan group because of His blessings. Whenever I feel low I read the miracles of Baba on this site and I get more energy and peace. 

My son was suffering from a runny nose and I also felt the same way after a day or so. With the current pandemic situation, I was worried about what it would be. We prayed to Baba to protect our family and applied Udi on the forehead and slept. My son was better the next day. Thank You, Baba. Please bless all Your devotees. Om Sai Namo Namah, Sri Sai Namo Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah. 

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Sai Baba’s Grace And Blessings

Sai Baba’s Grace And Blessings

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Thanks to Hetal mam and team for the wonderful blog. Please keep my details anonymous. First of all thanks to all devotees for sharing their experiences.

I had an appointment with a doctor to check on my thyroid levels and the examiner told me that I need to do a scan so that she can let me know if all was well. Before going for the scan I had Udi water and when I was in the SCAN room I was all the time chanting Sai or Om Sairam and Sripada Rajam Sharanam Prapadye. I was scared. So many thoughts were coming into my mind. I prayed to Baba if everything goes fine and the report looks normal then I would post it here. Sai Baba’s and Sripada Swamy’s blessings reports were normal.

Baba, please take care of my parents and in-laws. Please bless my brother with a job and please bless him with kids. Bless my husband with good health and peace of mind.

Thanks, Baba. My mother and husband are talking fine nowadays.

Please help me chant Your name all time and increase my faith in You. Bless everyone with good health. 

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Sai Baba Is Everything 

Sai Baba Is Everything

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am from India. Baba, You know why I’m posting this experience here. The second round of interviews is scheduled for today. I have given my best. Please help me get through and give me the best package and designation. Hoping for the best to happen. Please bless me, Baba. I will post my experience once I get a positive response. Be with me all the time. 

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