Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3865

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Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings in Managing Work & Pregnancy

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from the UK says: I am working in the UK by Baba’s grace, Please keep me anonymous.

I am sharing this blessed experience of Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings in Managing Work & Pregnancy as promised to Baba. I was part of a hectic project at work for more than a year, and I continued to battle with that project with the only intent to stay in the UK. By Sai Baba’s grace, this year I got my skilled worker visa. I thought it was the right time to conceive my second baby. Again, by Baba’s divine blessings 🙌, I conceived in March. Unexpectedly, my hectic project was transitioned to another vendor company. At first, I was a bit worried that this was going to affect my position in the UK. A couple of weeks into my first trimester, I had severe fatigue, drowsiness, and dizziness. Baba took away the hard project from me just as a mother would care for her daughter who is pregnant so she should not struggle with difficult work.

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It’s been three months since the project was lost, and only by God’s grace, I am still staying in the UK even without being assigned to any project. I was dejected for not getting another project; however, my health was not great enough to pick up any work. Now in the 2nd trimester, I am feeling much better and active, ready to pick up work. By Baba’s grace, I am now going to be assigned to work. My supervisor called me yesterday and confirmed that soon I’ll get to know my next role and responsibilities. I am sure Baba will choose the best for me and will wait to be assigned what is best for me. Baba and our Mahaparayan group prayers will render the best in our lives. I now pray at Baba’s feet to continue His blessings in both my work and my pregnancy.

Bow to Shri Sai, peace be to all. Om Sai Ram… Om Sai Ram… Om Sai Ram…

Shirdi Sai Baba’s Benevolent Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Dol Mani from the USA says: I am a very small devotee of Baba.

Thank you to Hetal ji and the entire SaiYug network team for providing this nice platform as a modern Satcharitra. I always get inspired by the experiences of devotees.

1st experience: I lost my job last month and have been trying to get another. There were options but with substantial salary cuts. I prayed to Baba to find a good job that’s stable and well-paying.

Brahmaand Nayak and kind Baba listened to the prayers, and I have received a good offer. Thank You, Baba, so much. Please Baba guide my intellect to the righteous path so I can perform my work duties as well as worldly and family duties truthfully.

2nd experience: First, Baba found a suitable match for my daughter, and then He arranged everything for a small family gathering and marriage ceremony in a very short time. I am so glad to have a kind and calm person as my son-in-law. Thank You so much, Baba, for Your kindness.

Baba, please keep my daughter and her husband under Your protection and guidance so they can lead a truthful, loving, and comfortable life.

Anant Koti Brahmaand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabramha Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Shri Sai Maharaj Ki Jai.

Om Sai Ram.

Overcoming Obstacles with Sai Baba’s Blessings

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Alamelu Valliappan from the UAE says: I am Mrs.Alamelu Valliappan from Dubai, in Shivani Sai 3563N1.

Thanks to Poojaji, the Mahaparayan organizers, and my neighbor, and my friend Kanimozhi who joined me in the Mahaparayan group.

This is the third time I am writing about my experiences in the blog. I had knee replacement surgery for my left knee on the 10th of April 2023. After six to eight weeks, they were supposed to have performed the knee replacement surgery for my right knee. However, there was a delay in getting the approval for medical insurance. I prayed to Sai Baba and read Sai Satcharitra for seven days. I started on Thursday and read seven chapters apart from the chapters allotted to me and completed them on Wednesday afternoon. I kept prasadam and did Arathi for Baba. I started reading once more on the same Wednesday evening. I read whatever number of chapters I could read each day, either two or three. As I was reading, I got a call from my husband that the medical insurance company had given approval for the surgery. I prayed to Baba that I would write in the blog. I have also prayed that after I recover completely, I will keep fast (vrat) for nine Thursdays.

Thank You so much, Dear Baba.

Jai Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram.

Gratitude and Prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from the USA says: I want to be called Sai’s daughter.

Thank you Hetal ji and team for providing us with this platform where we Sai devotees can share our beautiful experiences with our Sai family.

Today, I am here again to thank my Sai for everything He is doing for me. Thank You, Sai, for always taking care of me like a small baby. Thank You, Sai, for helping my health reports to be normal; this would not be possible without You, Deva. Thank You so much, my Deva. Sai, still, my BP is high. Deva, please help me to make it normal, Sai. Sai, I am really very stressed about this, Deva. Please help me reduce my weight. Please, please, please, Deva, I don’t know any other way other than requesting You, Sai. Please, Deva, I don’t know. Please help me; my glucose level shows 102, Deva. Please, please, Sai, make it normal, Deva. Please help me, Sai. Sai, thank You for helping in this, same too, Deva. Both Friday and Sunday’s things went very well, Sai. Everyone loved it, Sai and all the credit goes to You, my Sai. Without Your help, I will not be able to do anything, Sai.

Thank You for all the help, Sai.

Love You, Sai.

Om Sai Ram.

A Journey of Faith and Healing with Shirdi Sai Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from Malaysia says: Thank you Hetalji and team for this divine platform for us to share our Baba’s leelas.

Baba, You know, You are my everything, and without You, I will be lost. I have promised I will post if my stomach gets better, and I must say I feel much better now, though not fully recovered. Please heal me completely soon, Baba.

I have always consulted Baba for most of my decisions, and He has always brought me on the right path. But I am sorry, Baba, for making the most recent decision on the spur of the moment without seeking Your approval. You know, Baba, this is a spiritual journey, and this child of Yours is bowing at Your feet now asking for Your blessings throughout the journey. July is not a safe month to embark on this trip as landslides and roadblocks are common. Please bless, guide, and protect each one of us who has committed to this pilgrimage, Baba.

Thank You, Baba, for listening and blessing me and my family always. Please bless every single person and every single living being on this planet.

Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram

Sai Baba’s Guiding Hand

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from Denmark says: I am a devotee from Denmark.

I was waiting for a salary hike in my job which I could not ask for myself, and my Sai helped me and gave me a promotion with a salary hike. We planned our trip to Canada for a holiday, but my husband had second thoughts and wanted to cancel. My kids are very excited and looking forward to the trip, but I could not convince my husband. I left it to our Sai, and He confirmed our trip, and now we are in Canada. Baba, You know what I am going through. I am sure You would help me, but give me the patience to handle the situation for the sake of my kids and for my mental peace. Forgive me and change me if I have any weak points. Om Sai Ram

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