Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3704

Sai Baba’s Miracle In Answering Prayers For Covid-19 Patient

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Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from India says: Jai Sai Ram Koti Koti Pranams to the lotus feet of Sai. I am a small devotee of Baba, and I have shared my experience earlier on this platform.

Thank you, Hetalji, for providing this wonderful platform to share our experiences. May Sai bless you and your team and the Sai family abundantly.

Coming to my experience: In Bangalore, Corona is in full swing. My husband’s cousin’s wife, aged 30 years with two small boys aged 5 and 2 years, and mother-in-law living with them, was not feeling well for a couple of days, and she did not take proper care.

Once she came to know that she was COVID-positive, she went into isolation at her cousin’s house, leaving her kids and mother-in-law at home.

On the fifth day, her oxygen level dropped to 91, and my husband informed his cousin to take her to the hospital immediately. That night, he managed an ambulance with one oxygen cylinder, and she was in the ambulance the whole night since no beds were available in Bangalore. In the morning, they again took her home after the oxygen got over in the ambulance, and her condition was deteriorating. All the cousins were trying their level best to get her a bed.

On the afternoon of the 8th of May 2021, she was able to get a bed in the COVID center with one oxygen cylinder. Her oxygen level dropped to 70, and her condition was very critical.

Then, on the night of the 8th of May 2021, my sister-in-law called and informed me to do Sai Baba pooja. I immediately canceled my Licious order, which I was supposed to prepare non-veg the next day, Sunday. I prayed to Baba to save her life and her family, and I started the 5-day Divya pooja. On the first day, i.e., on 9th May (Sunday), after doing the pooja, within a half hour, she got a bed in the hospital with ICU and ventilator. For the next two to three days, she was in the ICU.

On the third day, again there was a scarcity of the Remdesivir injection, and her husband somehow managed to get 4 bottles in the black market and gave it to the hospital staff.

On the fifth day of my pooja, she was out of the ICU and off the ventilator. Isn’t this a miracle? She was discharged from the hospital the day before yesterday. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law also tested positive, and she was able to get a bed immediately in the COVID center, and she is recovering well. She will also be discharged in a couple of days. I owe it to Baba that once she is discharged from the hospital, I will share it with the Sai devotees.

One just needs to keep immense faith and patience, and rest Sai will handle.

Thank you, Baba, for saving her from the clutches of death and giving the kids their mother back. I am so grateful to Baba for answering my prayers.

Anantkoti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Baba, kindly forgive me for any mistakes while I express my experience.

A Devotee’s Experience With Sai Baba’s Blessings During Tough Times

Shirdi Sai Devotee Pooja from India says: Om Sai Ram, my name is Pooja. I have been meaning to share my experience for a long time but somehow it was getting delayed. I am sorry, Baba, for delaying it.

On 25th February, Sai Baba came to my home. It was a huge surprise as I had not expected it. A friend of mine had gone to Shirdi and called me from there asking if I wanted anything. I simply said that I really didn’t want anything, I already had a small idol and I said, “See if you like anything”.

My friend came back and said she had got an idol for me and would bring it home on Thursday. So I did the preparation for the Sthapana and when He came home, I couldn’t believe it. I had not expected the idol to be this big and beautiful. I was in tears, we did the Sthapana, and I was super happy, and the entire day went by very smoothly.

That night, I felt like I had a fever and when I checked, I actually had a slight fever. To me, it appeared like Sai Baba was cleaning me from the inside. The fever continued the next day as well. I finally called the doctor and took medicine, and I was fine by Saturday. On Sunday night, my husband complained of an itchy throat, and the next morning he had a fever. Of course, I was a little worried. He started his medicine and seemed slightly better for a day or two, but the fever was back on Thursday evening and it continued. On Sunday, the doctor asked us to do a CT scan, and it showed a lung infection. On Tuesday, 9th March, he tested positive for Covid and was admitted to the hospital. I couldn’t believe the events happening. According to my logic, this was not supposed to happen. I had been telling Sai Baba day and night to take care of my husband and my daughter, and these events were just the opposite. When my husband got admitted, I met a doctor there who shared his number with me (which is not really a possibility) and said that I could call him if needed.

On Thursday, I got a call from the hospital saying something which panicked me, and I ended up calling this doctor. He explained the entire thing and made me cool down. Throughout the seven days that my husband was in the hospital, this doctor helped me. Finally, on Tuesday, 16th March, my husband came back home, and that night, I saw Sai Baba in my dreams.

During my toughest period, I realized that my praying to Sai Baba doesn’t mean “Nothing will ever happen to us, but if ever something happens, He will be there to help us sail”. He will send His angels to show us the path and help us walk through smoothly.

I was introduced to Sai Baba 11 years back; in fact, my daughter is Sai Baba’s blessing (this experience for the next time). But in between, I lost the intensity of my prayers. I have been a part of this Global Mahaparayan for almost three years now, and I run 3 classes, but this experience brought me closer to Sai Baba – my belief and my trust in Him grew 100-fold.

Keep your blessings on us, Sai Baba, and always be with us.

Om Sai Ram.

How Sai Baba’s Grace Cured The Health Of A Devotee’s Mother And Grandmother During The Covid-19 Pandemic

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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Kanaka from India says: My name is Kanaka Durka, and I am from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. I am a small devotee of Sai Baba, who I rely on for every small and big thing. I am nothing without Him, and I am a small dust particle at His feet. I must have done some good deeds in my previous birth, so only I have the good fortune of becoming His devotee. I want to share my experience of how Sai Baba cured my mother and grandmother’s health.

Last Sunday, i.e., on 16th May 2021, my mother’s uncle sent a person to test me, my mom, my grandmother, and my dad for COVID. While my mother’s uncle was talking to my grandmother on the phone, she was coughing, so he had doubts and sent a person to do the COVID test. I kept on praying to Sai Baba that the report should come negative for everyone. In the evening around 7 to 7:30 pm, we came to know our results. My father and I tested negative, but my mom and grandmother tested positive.

So, the next day, i.e., on 17th May 2021, my mom and grandmother were taken to the hospital in an ambulance and were asked to stay for three days for treatment. By Sai Baba’s grace, they both got cured and were discharged on 21st May 2021. They are advised to be in isolation for ten days. I kept on praying to Sai Baba all these times, and only by His grace, did they get cured and reached home safely.

Sai Baba, please protect and safeguard each and everyone in this world and protect everyone from this COVID. Devotees, please have firm faith in Sai Baba and patience. He will not leave you in any situation. Jai Sai Ram.

Two Recent Miracles Experienced By A Devotee Of Sai Baba

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devoted follower of Sai Baba, and I wish to share two miraculous experiences that have occurred in my life recently. For privacy reasons, I would like to remain anonymous.

Firstly, I had to take my father for his second vaccine dose, but my car broke down, and my father is paralyzed, which made the situation more challenging. However, Baba’s grace was with me, and my neighbor loaned me their car. At the hospital, the police and doctor were very supportive and assisted my father during the second shot. Everything went smoothly, and I am grateful to Sai Baba for his blessings.

Secondly, I had to negotiate a lot with a client for work, and I almost lost hope. However, Baba’s divine intervention helped me, and I was able to secure the work that I desired.

I would like to urge all Sai Baba devotees to maintain faith (shraddha) and patience (saburi) because Baba listens to our prayers. Furthermore, I pray to Baba to protect us all from this pandemic.

In conclusion, I offer my salutations to Anant Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachhidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. Om Sairam.

Shirdi Sai Devotee Shares Miraculous Recovery from Sudden Illness

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India: First, I want to thank Hetalji and the team for providing this platform.

Yesterday night, in the early morning hours of May 22nd, 2021, around 1:30 am, I suddenly experienced severe giddiness and was unable to sleep. I woke up my husband and asked him to give me Sai Baba’s Udi, which he promptly did with some water. However, he was getting panicked as my condition worsened, and I eventually vomited. He checked my blood pressure, and it was around 144/84, which was surprising because I usually do not have high blood pressure.

I started chanting the Om Sai Rakshak Sharanam mantra 108 times, and after a while, I began to feel better and was able to go back to sleep. When my husband checked my blood pressure in the morning, it was back to normal readings of 70/109.

I am grateful to Baba for protecting me and helping me recover from my sudden illness. Koti Koti Pranamam to Baba. I apologize for posting this late, and I pray that Baba keeps my family at his lotus feet forever. Lastly, I humbly request Sai Baba to protect the whole world from this pandemic.

Om Sairam.

Sai Baba’s Miraculous Blessings: A Devotee’s Experience

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram, As a devoted follower of Sai Baba, I am writing to share my experience. Kindly keep my identity anonymous. I reside in Mumbai, and I feel extremely blessed to be in Sai Baba’s divine presence.

I would like to express my gratitude to Hetalji and the entire team for providing a platform where we can share the miracles that Baba has bestowed upon us.

Recently, I was suffering from a stomach ailment, and I took medication prescribed by a doctor. In addition, I prayed to Baba and consumed Udi mixed with water for my well-being. I am delighted to share that I have completely recovered now. I am grateful to Baba for his blessings and for restoring my good health.

I also express my heartfelt thanks to Baba for continuously showering His blessings on me and my family. Please forgive me, Baba, for the delay in sharing my experience.

I firmly believe that Baba’s blessings are always with me and my loved ones.

Sai devotee,



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