Shirdi Sai Baba Blessings – Experiences Part 3840

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Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat: A Transformative Journey of Faith and Healing

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from Singapore says: Om Sai Ram! I am an anonymous devotee from Singapore, and I am very happy to share my recent experience. I left my job in January 2022 due to family circumstances. With Sai’s grace, all my issues were resolved, and with help at home (engaged a full-time maid at home), I decided to look for a job again in August 2022. I got an interview call from a company in September 2022, and they were happy to recruit me on a contract. After a long negotiation, I decided to reject the offer, thinking the salary was not up to my expectations, and if I waited, I could get a better job opportunity.

Days passed, and I attended many interviews even if the job requirements did not match my profile. Initially, I was very confident I’d land a better job. But as time passed, some recruiters started offering me a lower salary, stating the gap in my resume. However, suddenly in November 2022, I received an interview call from an MNC company and went through 3 rounds of interviews. HR informed me that I was selected and even finalized the salary (more than I expected). They informed me they were waiting for the Director’s Approval to recruit me. I had to wait for more than a month for this as the Director had gone on a long holiday during Christmas. I was quite confident that I’d get the offer letter for this job, as I received assurance from HR. I was very happy that I rejected my first offer, as I got a better job now. Thinking so, I spent the December holidays happily with my daughter.

In January 2023, I tried to contact HR for an update, and then she replied to me stating there was a hiring freeze for the Team that wants to recruit me, and hence they can’t proceed with my offer. I was shattered. I thought I was overconfident and even stopped looking for jobs. My morale was down, and whenever I felt low, I would read about the devotees’ experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba. I came upon an experience where one of the devotees got a job offer and hence resigned from the current company, but later the company that was going to offer him the job did not do so for some reason. So, he was in a situation where he lost his current job without a job in hand. Later, through Baba’s blessing, he got another good opportunity. Reading such experiences gave me hope.

I was already not in a good state, and my mother-in-law would now and then remind me that I should not have rejected the first offer. It made me feel bad. Then I happened to see a devotee getting a job after he completed Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. It was February 2023, and I decided to do it and surrendered myself completely to Sai Baba. My prayer was to stay healthy (as I was getting frequent boils on my body) and get a good job. After three weeks, I could get rid of my boils.

Then one day, I got a job offer from a company – it was a contract role and it was very far from my house. I was discussing this with my husband, but don’t know what tension he was in, he spoke to me harshly saying I’m being very picky in choosing a job. I should take up the job offered to me and be financially independent and not end up like his Aunt (who is a homemaker). I felt very bad; I tried to hold back my tears. I was putting as much effort as I could into the job search, but still, it was not fruitful. My daughter loved my presence at home, but I was losing my value in other people’s eyes. I know all my family members love me, but I don’t know why they spoke harshly to me. I felt very bad.

Anyway, I was going to accept this job; however, felt like complaining about how tiring it will be to travel every day for so long. I made a silent prayer to Baba and kept quiet. Suddenly, I received a call from another agent, and the job opportunity was in the same company that I had rejected earlier (my first offer). It was a perm role with better benefits. I said I was interested, however, I remained truthful and told the agent about my prior rejection. She spoke to HR, and the interview was arranged, and I got selected. Now I had 2 offers in hand. I was very happy to accept the perm role and thanked Baba a lot for his blessings. Thank You so much Sai Thatha.

This job was near my home (with company-provided bus transport) and I could work from home for 2 days. I was super happy. However, there were some doubts if I could deliver well in this job or will the job aid in my career growth. The joining date came, and as I was sitting in the company bus, I got a message from my dad “God bless You and Be with you when you start your new venture”. Reading this message a thought arose in my mind that if I see Sai Baba’s photo in the office, it’s an assurance that it is God sent job for me. But then I brushed away that thought thinking I could not expect to see this in the Singapore office. I reached the office and was about to contact HR to let me in. Then suddenly a person asked me how he could help me, and then I told him I was a new joiner and gave my Manager’s name. Then he asked me to wait outside, and he would inform my Team. After 5 minutes, an Indian lady (who was part of my Team) came to pick me up and guided me to my place. Here the MIRACLE awaits. As soon as I entered the room, I saw Baba’s picture, and not only that I saw Baba’s picture as a screensaver in that lady’s office laptop. I can’t put into words the immense amount of joy that I experienced during that time. I once again completely surrendered to him and did not entertain any thoughts of doubt regarding this job opportunity.

I had promised Baba that I’d share this experience here. Reading my experience, I pray that many who are tired of searching for suitable jobs get hope and surrender to Baba completely and Trust that He will take care of them. Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Rakshaksharanam! Om Shri Sai Arogyashemadaya Namah!

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Sai Baba’s Plan Unfolds: A Tale of Illness, Job Loss, and Spiritual Awakening

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from India says: I have been an ardent devotee of Baba for the past 20 years. In February, I was seriously ill and couldn’t get up from bed for a week. During that time, I used to listen to Sai Leelas continuously. Those Leelas increased my faith in Sai Baba and made me think that I should practice unquestionable and unshakeable faith in Baba. Maybe this illness of mine was Baba’s plan to make me believe in him without any doubts. The future incidents that occurred made me think so.

The very next month, in March on March 10th, suddenly there was a layoff in my company, and I lost my job. Being the only earning member of my family, I was in shock. But I had so much faith in Baba that I felt this incident happened in the best interests of mine. I strongly believed that Baba Himself removed me from this job and had better plans for me. From then on, every day, in some way or the other, Baba used to communicate with me either in dreams or through the Sai Leelas or the WhatsApp group “Sai Maa Darbar.”

A few incidents are as below: One day Baba came in a dream and said to me, “First round I will help to clear, but the second round will be tough.” The very next day, an interview was scheduled for me with a renowned company, and the same happened. I cleared the first round but couldn’t get through the second round. The day the second round was scheduled, I saw Baba in my dreams, the same as in Shirdi, seated on a throne holding a paper tea cup. I read chapter 15th daily (the Cholkar story where Cholkar stops having sugar in tea). I took it as an indication that I would get through the second round. But, as Baba said earlier, I lost in the second round.

Again, after a few days, I saw Baba in my dreams, the same as in Shirdi, seated on a throne but holding a steel tea cup. This indicated to me that I would get a permanent job, and the same happened later. Baba not only guided me on my job but also on my spiritual progress. He came into my dreams multiple times, giving me multiple indications like “do Naam Jaap,” “read Akkal Kot Swami Satcharitra.” I performed all these diligently. I also started Sai Guruvar Vrat for my job. This indication I got through the “Sai Maa Darbar” WhatsApp group. (I got the job within 6 weeks of starting the Vrat).

As days passed by, I was getting frustrated without a job but held my faith firmly in Baba. Once I asked him through chits if I would get an offer before April 30th, and he answered yes. Meanwhile, I was trying through my friends too. It was already April 25th, and nothing was materialized. On April 25th, I got a call from my previous company, which I had resigned from 2 years before. The interview was scheduled for the same day, and by April 29th, I joined the same company.

From March 10th to April 29th, it was a spiritual journey where Baba held my hand tightly and walked with me all this time, guiding me on multiple things like job, certification, and also on the spiritual path. The best part of this whole journey that I relish is that Baba was constantly communicating with me like the way a father guides his daughter. I felt as if he was more worried than me during this time about me not getting a job.

Thanks, Baba, for everything.

Financial Turbulence: Sai Baba’s Decision to Exceed Budgets

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from India says: I Am a Daughter of Sai. 

Om Shri Sai Venkatesh Ramnay Namah

Om Shri Sai Dattatreyay Namah

Om Shri Sai Vasudevay Namah

Deva, we ignorant human beings cannot understand Your leelas and Your ways of blessing us. Hey Baba, always keep us under Your Lotus Feet. Deva, help me express my gratitude towards Your divine infinite blessings.

Deva granted me an official trip to Scotland, and after many frustrating situations and Deva’s teasing, we started our journey on 22.4.2023. On 20.4.2023 (Thursday), I read one of my experiences on this blog, which was published on 17.4.2023 (Thursday). I took it as a Baba’s sign of a happy trip. Our luggage weight was within the limit, and there was no problem with hand luggage. During the security check, the security officer objected to a pendant, which was in a little bit similar pattern to a bullet. That pendant contains Baba’s Name, a pinch of Shirdi soil, and UDI. I requested Deva to remove any objection related to that pendant as I wanted my husband to wear that always. With Baba’s grace, no one objected at any airports. Our luggage was safe and on time throughout our journey. I was worried about the cold weather as it is quite unpredictable in Scotland and England. The day we reached Edinburgh was completely rainy and gloomy; I became upset. I requested Deva, and my Deva did the miracle as always. The next 3 days, the weather was very good in Scotland, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Deva took care of our picture-perfect clothing and comfort. I attended my conference with Baba. The day we left Scotland and reached London, both places had rain and clouds. I again requested Deva for a London trip, and the next 2 days were completely sunny and cozy. Deva, I cannot thank You enough for taking care of every smallest-to-smallest situation of our life. During my 1st day of the trip, I got a call from India that my son had gone out and had not returned for 2 hours. I had full faith in Sai, so I was not worried, but a little bit upset, and Deva took care of everything. We met many known friends in London, and everyone liked their gifts. Deva guided me in purchasing from London for a family in India and distributed their gifts properly. Deva solved my monthly problem before my trip. We enjoyed our trip in good health with Baba’s grace. Deva, exceeded our budget, but again the money was given by Him, so he decided to save or spend. Deva, I am sharing as promised. Sorry for writing this in a hurry.

Hetal ji and team, thank you for maintaining this blog.

Deva take care of my son’s 10th result. Deva, humari laaj rakhna. Deva, please guide my family and all on Your path and remove their bad habits.

Prayers Answered: Sai Baba’s Continuous Support in Life’s Journeys

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from India says: I am Baba’s devotee, and I want to share a few of my experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba.

I had to take a certification exam, and I had 5 attempts to try. I failed the first 3 attempts and just had 2 more left. I was praying for Baba to help continuously. Then I shared about the exam with my colleague, and he immediately helped me with the right answers, and I passed the certification. Thank You so much, Baba, for helping me.

We moved to a new rented flat and had to receive the deposit for the old flat. However, the agency was asking for many details and deducting money for many small issues. I kept praying to Baba to help us get most of the deposit. I did 5 weeks of Sai Divya Pooja. Finally, yesterday we got our deposit back, and that too most of it. Can’t thank Baba enough for this miracle. Om Sai Ram.

It was my daughter’s birthday, and we had planned a small party at home for her friends. Two days before the party, she was down with a cold. I started praying to Baba to make her fine by her birthday, and that her party shouldn’t get canceled as she was too excited for it. Thankfully, she was okay by her party, and everything went fine. Thank You so much, Baba, for helping us. Om Sai Ram.

I am working after a long gap due to Baba’s grace. The first 6 months were a probation period, and I was concerned about the confirmation. It was more than 6 months, and I didn’t get any confirmation. When I checked with HR, they told me that due to my visa, they couldn’t give me confirmation. I was disappointed and prayed to Baba to help me. Then like a miracle, after a few days, I got an email from HR saying my employment was confirmed. Thank You so much, Baba, for helping me.

Faith in Crisis: Seeking Sai Baba’s Help in a Challenging Moment

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from Malaysia says: Om Sai Ram! I am a Sai devotee and would like to share my most recent leela. I love eating small fish and chewing the bones. Numerous times, I had bones stuck in my throat, but have always managed to remove them. However, my latest experience was a bad one. I swallowed a bone, and it got stuck. I tried to remove it by brushing and coughing it out, but it didn’t budge. Instead, it started to bleed and became sore. Then, I tried to swallow a handful of rice and bananas, but still, I failed.

Being so frightened, I ran to my Baba and supplicated to him. I promised that I would post my experience if I managed to remove or swallow it down with rice. Voila… it worked.

Baba’s blessings are beyond words. Baba is always there by our side and listens to all our prayers. Though at times, it appears as if he is not answering our prayers, we need to strengthen our faith and trust in him. Honestly, I don’t know how to repay Baba. I am nothing without him. Thank You, Baba, for coming and being in my life always. Please bless every member of my family and also bless every single person and every single living being with an abundance of love, joy, bliss, and good health.

Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram.

Trusting Baba Amidst Unexpected Housemate Struggles

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee from Canada says: I have been a devotee of Baba since 2014, and He entered my life at the right time to save me. Recently, we moved into a new house, and a friend of a friend needed a place to stay. So, we offered her temporary rental accommodation in our house until she found her unit. I didn’t know this girl personally but got a red flag as soon as she moved in. However, I didn’t want to judge her too quickly, so I let it go but tried to be cautious.

After about a month, we had a big fight, and I asked her to move out. I felt her ego was hurt, and she started creating issues by cutting down communication, etc. It became very difficult to communicate with her about her moving date. We had sleepless nights thinking about what she might do, as she could lie to any extent. We prayed to Baba to help us out of this and make her move out without any issues. Finally, she moved out yesterday, and we can now breathe a sigh of relief. I hope she won’t cause any more issues, as she is capable of doing anything. I am sure that Baba will take care of everything without a glitch. Thank You again, Baba; how can I forget Your miracles? 🙏 Om Sai Ram.

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